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Draupadi asks Krishna who is he. Krishna says he is Vasudev Krishna. She asks why is he helping her often and even protected her from her father’s anger. He says he is her friend and they have met before in different world. She asks what challenge he has kept in her swayamwar. He says there is. She asks it would have been good if Arjun was alive. Krishna says he must be. She asks if he has kept a challenge that only Arjun will complete. He smiles and says something like that and says he will create a new world of justice and prosperity.

Karn travels to Panchal with Duryodhan and Shakuni and reaches palace. Draupad with Dristyadumna greets Duryodhan. Duryodhan says there is a question in his greeting, but he will accept it and says Karn let us go in. Draupad smiles

and greets him again. They all 3 walk in. Draupadi walks into practice venue where rajkumars are practising target. Karn sees her hiding behind pillar, but keeps quiet. He says Duryodhan they don’t know what challenge Vasudev Krishna has kept. Duryodhan sees an idol holding gadha/weapon, picks gadha and breaks idol in 1 blow and says Karn if Krishna has kept gadha fight, he will win for sure. Two rajkumars fight and taunt each other that they cannot shoot 5 leaves target ot once. Soldier invites everyone for lunch and they all leave.

Karn asks Draupadi to come out now as this palace is hers. She asks how did she identify her. He says the way she is searching someone, she should be Panchal putri Draupadi. She asks if he came for swayamwar. He says he is a soot putra and not rajkumar and just came with his friend Duryodhan. She asks what is his identity. He looks into her eyes and shoots 5 leaves at once. She asks how did he do that without watching target. He says he saw target in her eyes. He then leaves.

Draupadi asks Krishna if she was created to marry Arjun, then why is Arjun not alive. Krishna asks if she thinks Arjun is alive. She says her brain says no and her heart says yes. He says sometimes one has to listen to heart for peace of mind. She asks what is his challenge in swayamwar. He says she has to create a challenge.

Karn enters swayamwar venue with Duryodhan and Shakuni. Jarasand also comes and fumes seeing Krishna. Krishna says he is host here and if he wants him to start 19th chapter of their meeting, then he is ready. Jarasand smiles. Krishna greets him and announces rule that they have to shoot target seeing its reflection.

Precap: Karn raises bow to shoot at target looking at its reflection. Draupadi stops him and says she does not want to marry sooth putra. Karn angrily walks out. Krishna says Karn’s insult will create a new chapter in history.

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