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Suryaputra Karn 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhirath on Radha’s behalf permitting Karn to pick bow. Karn picks bow and asks maharaj Dhritarastra where is target. Maharaj asks if he needs still or moving target. Karn says flying. Maha mantri Vidur throws his necklace in air and Karn aims at it and shoots successfully. Adhirath and Radha get happy seeing that. Bhism enters and holds his arrow. Karn reminisces Bhism holding his arrow in jungle once. People start changing Bhism’s name.

Bhism goes and sits on his seat. Senapati complains him that a sooth/low caste child did a big sin by holding bow. Bhism says he made a sin. Senapathi continues that he even killed many tribals. Bhism says maha mantri vidur will announce punishment. Vidur says since law is not followed in jungle, karn will

not be punished for killing tribals, but will be punished for holding bow here. Queen Gandhari says she will punish kid and says he has to eat 7 laddoos. Adhirath and Radha get happy hearing that. Shon says even he should be punished for laughing. Gandhari says he should eat 8 laddoos then. Vidhur permits Adhirath that he can stay in town with his family. Adhirath thanks him and asks Karn to come with him now.

Karn reminisces Bhism taking bow from him in jungle and asks if he will not take bow from his now and hands it over to him. Bhism says he hopes he does not have to take bow from him again. Karn says even he hopes and leaves with his parents.

While traveling in chariot towards city, Karn sees an underground city and asks about it and Adhirath explains its significance. Karn asks if they can see sky from there or they don’t have right. Radha says man is so powerful that he makes routes and houses by cutting hills. He asks one more questions and she explains him with teary eyes and says even she got this knowledge just now and if she had gained it long ago, many years of life would have been happier. She wipes her tears and pampers Karn.

They further travel and their chariot’s wheels fall in a ditch/hole. Shon shouts who dared to dig a hole here. Adhirath asks what is he doing. He says he is trying to clear hurdle. Adhirath smiles and asks him to remove their items from chariot, else they will fall in hole. They hear girl laughing and girl is hiding behind tree. Girl comes out and says she saw their chariot’s wheel falling into hole and came to help them. Shon says he will kill whoever dug this hole. Girl asks him to go and sit while she and her friends remove all their things out from chariot and even call father to repair chariot for 2 coins. Adhirath says he knows to repair himself. Girl says she will ask her father then to repair it for 1 coin. Adhirath asks who is her father. She says some name. Adhirath realizes father is his friend and asks her to call him. She asks to give him 1 coin first and extends hand. Karn sees mud on her hand and realizes she dug hole.

Precap: Senapati says Adhirath he can only permit to stay in city if his son accepts his punishment and says he will throw his son in a big dry well from where nobody came back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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