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Suryaputra Karn 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with queen/maharani Gandhari asking Shon why did he laugh. Adhirath and Radha come there and try to take Karn and Shon from there. Mantri/minister Vidur stops them and asks Shon to reply maharani. Shon tells them how a man in their village boasts about his bravery, but is a big lier. Senapati who lied shouts how dare he is to laugh in front of maharaj Dhritarastra. Shon says when this man came into cave, Karn killed all tribals.

Shakuni enters on cot and says he is telling truth. He starts laughing and says even he was about to win hastinapur when he woke up and realized it was his dream. Everyone start laughing. Shakuni says if an insane person tells lie it is truth and if a sensible person lies, it is lie. Karn says he is a sensible boy and is telling truth. Shakuni

starts laughing that he alone killed all tribals. Shon says his brother is right. Senapati asks if he knows punishment for telling lie in front of maharaja. He asks if he knows.. Maharaj says he is alleging his senapati did not defeat tribals. Shon says yes. Adhirath interferes and pleads maharaj to forgive his son. Karn says his brother is telling truth and he did indeed kill all tribals.

Maharaj asks minister Vidur what is boy’s age. He says 9-10 and his father does not look Khatriya. He asks what caste he is of. Karn says they are sooth/low caste. Shakuni starts laughing and asks how can a sooth’s son pick bow and defeat all tribals. Maharaj says this bpy should be examined. Vidur asks senapati to give his bow to kid. Maharaj asks Karn to pick bow. Karn says his mom has ordered him not to touch bow and for him, his mom’s order is more than god’s order.

Maharaj orders Adhirath to order his son to pick bow. He reminisces madhyam ordering tauji to pick bow and then cutting his hand and tells same to maharaj. Vidur says he should either pick bow and get punished for telling lie. He says until his mom orders, he will not pick bow and king cannot punish him for telling truth. Vidur orders soldiers to punish kid. Adhirath asks Karn to pick bow as it is his mom’s order. Karn looks at Radha and she nods yes.

Precap: Adhirath tells senapathi he has maha mantri’s order to stay in town and sell chariots. Senapati says if his son accepts punishment, he can be permitted. Radha says karn should not be punished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nys epi.finaly radha 2 strtd supportng karn.gud nyt little cute,brave karn

  2. Very pleased with this serial…a real pleasure to watch….i simply adore lil karn…keep up the good show…. please continue to educate the viewers with this story

  3. introduce suyodhan,great frnd of my hero karn.karn,u r a vry great nd loyal friend 2 suyodhan ths frndshp day shuld b dedicatd 2 u dr.HAPPY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 2 U LITTLE ,CUTE KARN ND SUYODHAN.LVE U BOTH.U BOTH R BEST AMONG ALL IN MAHABHARAT

    1. suyodhan ya duryodhan hg??

  4. suyodhan is hs real name,but He s cald duryodhan,i prefr suyodhan richu dr.i lve suyodhan nd karn than lord krishn.

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