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Suryaputra Karn 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says breaking barrier is tempting to human always, but there is a difference between barrier and limits, be it love, hatred or friendship. How should we know the that barrier is crossed, when one can be in limits, there wont be any problems..

Shakuni sees Chedi naresh staring at Draupadi and taunts him. Chedi gets angry. Shakuni says he should go behind Draupadi and insult her, Pandav will get angry and will confront and insult their guest, then yagna fails. Chedi smirks and walks behind Draupadi. Karn sees him walking suspiciously.

Draupadi walks into garden and enjoys flower smell. Chedi comes and comments that flowers are lucky that she is smelling them. She turns and asks him to be in limits. He continues misbehaving. Karn follows Chedi, but does not find him. Servant informs Pandavs that Chedi naresh is misbehaving with maharani. Pandavs walk angrily.

Chedi naresh drags Draupadi. She shouts that her husbands will kill him. He says he wants them to confront as he wants yagna fail. He then drops her on bed and walks towards her. Karn holds him. Chedi naresh Shishupal says Kunti putra held him and broke rule. Karn says he is not kunti putra but a putra/son who will save woman from injustice. He beats sishupal and throws pillar stone on him shouting he does not have right to live, but Krishna stops him with his powers. Pandavs also reach there and Bheem tries to confront, but Krishna stops him and says everyone are born with a reason and Sishupal’s reason is not yet complete, so he cannot die. Shakuni comes with Duryodhan and tells him that his friend is Pandav’s friend than his.

Karn walks out of room into garden. Draupadi stops him and asks why did he save her. He says he would have saved any woman as his mother is a woman. She apologizes for insulting him during swayamwar. He says she should not as she knows her reason.

Yagna starts. Yudistra and Draupadi perform yagna. Servant announces that guests can gift Yudistra now. Duryodhan calls Yudistra as Dharma raj putra and gives his gift.

Precap: Duryodhan falls while walking. Draupadi laughs and comments that blind man’s son is also blind.

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  1. I’m sorry for yesterday comment if that hurts anyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

    1. You were indeed right. Even i want karn’s personal story to be shown more on the show. But yes they can’t just ignore the Mahabharat either..

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