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The episode starts with Vaishali smiling looking at Karn and Shon tying air chariat to a tree. Brahmin friend asks kshatriya friend what will he do now. He says he will study using weapon for 2 years and then will fight in some battle and lose his life. He continues that 2 rajas fight, but soldiers die. Vaishali says if he wins, he will win for hastinapur. He says if he wins, raja will be praised and not him. Brahim friend says he has to learn many religious scriptures and teach dharm and adharm to people, so sooth people are lucky to just ride chariots and live tension-free life. Karn says incompetent people are forced to become soldiers and vice versa. Shon says they should change these rules.

Duryodhan comes with his 99 brothers and says Karn he cannot escape from punishment.

Vishali rides on air chariot and asks her friend to come and see their fight from there. Friends join her. Duryodhan orders Dushyasan to attack karn. He attacks Karn, but karn protects himself with jumps and bravery and Dushyasan falls down in no time. Duryodhan then orders his other brothers to attack karn and they also fail. Duryodhan says he just wanted to punish karn, but now he will kill him. He attacks karn, but karn escapes unhurt. When is about to throw a final blow, soldier stops him and says raja ordered all rajkumars to come back and not punish sooths. Duryodhan orders soldiers to arrest karn, else he will kill them all. Karn asks them to follow order, else it will be insult to rajkumars. They arrest karn.

Bhism tells Dhritarastra how dare a sooth son insulted rajkumars. Bhism says sooth did not do any mistake and he should teach his rajkumars justice now. He says raja should think himself as praja’s servant. Soldier informs that rajkumars are come with sooth son. Bhism reminds him to teach justice to his sons.

Karn is produced in front of Dhritarastra. Duryodhan says this sooth son insulted rajkumars. Dhritarastra asks karn what is his name. He says he is the one who gave life twice to his sons, once today by not attacking them and years ago when he brought rishi Vyas on his chariot and gave them life. Dhritarastra asks if he is Radhe karn. Karn says he is sooth putra karn. Dhritarastra says Duryodhan that karn with his bravery and chariot riding skills brought vyas many years ago and gave life to him and his brothers and he should be thankful to him instead of thinking of punishing. Duryodhan says Karn threw Dushyasan out of his chariot. Karn says Bhism was present there and if he had made mistake, why didn’t Bhim punish him. Bhism says Dhritarastra that Karn failed in exam and that was his punishment. Karn says if he is innocent, then he should punish Duryodhan. Bhism asks Karn not to get adamant. Karn says he is just asking justice.

Bhism tells Dhritarastra Karn did not do any mistake in his exam, then he should punish Dushyasan also. Dhritarastra asks Vidur if there is any way to save his sons. Vidur says only justice is a way. Dhritarastra says he will not punish his sons. Duryodhan says Shon also laughed on him and called incompetent. Dhritarastra orders soldiers to give 10 lashes with hunter to Shon. Karn says he is at mistake here, so they cannot punish his brother. Duryodhan orders to arrest sooth putra. Karn dares them to touch his brother. Bhism says if he does not accept punishment, he will be killed. Karn says he will not accept his injustice and tries to leave. Bhism asks Adhirath to stop his son, else he will be killed. Adhirath gives his promise to karn not to leave and says Shon can be punished. Karn looks helplessly. Shon says karn he will shout while being lashed and leaves with soldiers.

Precap: Karn lashes himself with hunter for not saving his brother. Vaishali says he is very powerful and only hope of justice for their sooth clan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nyceepisode. duryodhan and karan rivalry its gonna b intresting to seee….. nyce to c karan possessively answetring for shone. gn hg

  2. nys epi.gud 2 c karn nd suyodhan sad 4 shon. Dhritarastra must b sentenced 2 100 lashes atleast 4 his unfair judgement.gud mrng karn,shon,suyodhan nd my sweet richu

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