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Guru Drona gets into river to take bath when crocodile attacks him. All his students shout his name. Arjun does not find his bow and arrow, but he jumps into river and tries to free Drona. Ashwaththama tries to shoot it. Yudistra gets tensed. Crocodile vanishes. Droa says it was magic and comes out with Arjun. Ashwatthama asks if he is fine. Drona asks why did not he come to save him. Ashwatthama says he was trying to shoot crocodile. Drona says Arjun jumped into river to save him, so he is superior to them all and says if anyone wants to become superior, they should follow Arjun. Arjun smiles. Karn watches everything and thinks he will prove Drona that he is superior than Arjun.

Arjun shoots at thunderstorm, but it does not calm down. Karn shoots and it vanishes into earth.

Arjun is shocked. thunderstorm comes back again towards them. Arjun shoots arrow again and it gets into earth again. Arjun smiles. Drona praises Arjun. Karn walks in front of them and greets Drona. He says if he wants to become superior, then he should try to become like Arjun, he tried and succeeded and should be accepted as student. Drona says he is really great, but only one can be superior. Karn says he is sure if he is trained under him, he will become superior. Drona says even he is sure, but he is bound and can teach only rajkumars. Karn asks then why is he teaching brahmin. Drona says he is his son and has right to get his teachings. Karn says teaching is not religion bound and capability is like a river and cannot be held. Drona asks him to stop his emotional words, he cannot teach him. Duryodhan says guru is considered more than eshwar, then how can he stop karn. Bheem says even eshwar cannot grow mango on neem tree and sooth cannot learn weaponry. Karn says all this injustice is made by kshatriyas and brahmins, he should call eshwar to prove it wrong.

Bheem says it is not about capability, it is about rules and he should become world’s best charioteer instead. Karn says nobody can stop him from becoming world’s best archer and when ravan could not shake a vanar’s leg, Bheem is nothing. Bheem angrily throws his gadha on him. His raksha kavach/protection suit activates and gadha breaks into pieces. Everyone are shocked to see that. Karn says just like his divya kavach ate his gadha, he will eat his capabaility some day. He says Dhrona he is promoting Arjun one sidedly without any competiton and should make him his student to prove it. Drona shouts he will not make his student and has taken oath to make Arjun world’s best archer and asks Arjun if he is ready. Arjun cuts his thumb on spearhead and says he will fulfill his oath for sure and takes oath that he will become world’s best archer. Karn says Drona even he takes an oath that until he is alive, nobody will call him world’s best archer and he will have to fight with him to prove himself. Drona shouts to stop it and says just like monkey can jump on trees but cannot fly, he cannot become world’s superior warrior and only Arjun can. Karn cuts his thumb with knife and says blood is red even if it is khatriya’s or sooths, his life’s aim and oath is to become world’s best archer now and drona cannot stop him. Duryodhan and dushyasan smirk while Bheem and his brother fume.

Vaishali asks Karn not to get angry, it is their mistake that they hoped high from khatriya’s guru. Karn reminisces Drona and Arnun’s words and shoots arrow on dart board. Vaishali says he has to teach Drona a lesson to take revenge. Karn says Drona thinks if he does not teach him, he cannot become world’s best warrior, but he will become best warrior without his teaching.

Precap: Tauji asks who will teach him now as Drona backed off. Karn says one who taught Bhism and Drona. Tauji says their guru is same. Karn thinks whom he must be.

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