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Suryaputra Karn 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jarasand laughs looking at Karn that he came to fight with a kid. Bhism says Karn he will fight with Jarasand. Karn says Ang’s praja will fight. Vaishali holds sword and says she is ready to fight as Ang praja for her raja. Karn orders he to back off and says he will not forgive himself if something happens to her. He then gives stone to old man and says it is time to take revenge of his son’s death. Bhism says waging war is right or wrong he does not know, but he will fight with Jarasand. Jarasand laughs and says when Krishna could not withstand him, how will they both fight with him, looks like he will have to kill them both.

Duryodhan with his army fights with panchal naresh Dhrupad. Dhrupad easily overpowers him and says his guru Drona did not teach him gadha yudh

well. Duryodhan attacks again, but Dhrupad throws him far away and captures whole army. He takes Duryodhan’s army handcuffed in front of Drona and laughs that he made 2 mistakes today, one by misjudging him and two by overpraising his students, now he will have to plead for his students’ lives. Drona holds arrow, but Arjun stops him. Drona says now Dhrupad will know who will plead for life and orders Arjun to fight.

Bhism insists that he will fight with Jarasand. Karn says Bhism’s loyalty is with Hastinapur and if he fights, as he said Jarasand will wage war against Hastinapur, so he will fight with Jarasand. He challenges Jarasand that Ang raj Karn is ready to fight with him. Jarasand gets down from his chariot and walks towards him and asks to select his weapon to fight. Karn says he is his guest, so he can choose weapon he is best at. Jarasand says he is his enemy, so he will fight with him with bow and arrow. Karn says as he likes.

Jarasand says Bhism that Hastinapur is also his enemy, so he will destroy Hastinapur next after destroying Karn. Bhism says he made a mistake by thinking his silence as weakness and thinking Karn as a child, Karn is very powerful and will defeat him. He then addresses Karn that this is battle field where he is fighting with real enemy magadh naresh and not a play field where he fought with rajkumars. Karn says his fight is with injustice, be it rajkumars or magadh naresh. He wants Bhism to promise that he will not fight until he seeks his help. Bhism asks what he wants to do. Karn says he wans to get fear out of Ang praja. Bhism says he should not let Jarasand to attack him at all.

Precap: Karn and Jarasand’s fight starts. Jarasand invites karn for wrestling and warns whoever is defeated will be killed. He overpowers Karn and throws him in dirt.

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