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Suryaputra Karn 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandav’s get out of palace safely and reminisce how Yudistra realized Purochan’s plan to kill them. Bheem says Purochan will give them poisoned food to kill them. Yudistra explains plan and asks them to remember it. When Purochan leaves after giving them poisoned food, they act as dead. Kunti gifts bracelet to Purochan’s wife. Purochan and his wife come back after setting fire to pick their child, get trapped into fire and die.

Pandavs travel on boat. Bheem says Duryodan tried to kill them to for throne. Kunti says they will not go back to hastinapur as their lives are important to her than throne. Arjun says he wants to take revenge from Duryodhan. Kunti requests again not to. Yudistra says Kunti her order is utmost important to them and they can leave whole

world for her, forget Hastinapur. They all then hug each other.

Karn comes back to palace and goes to Duryodhan’s room. He sees Shakuni there and asks why did he kill pandavs and kunti maata. Duryodhan comes and tries to hold his shoulders. Karn pushes his hands and says if he would have ordered, he would have defeated all pandavs. Shakuni that is the problem with him, he is always ready to fight and in politics one has to use brain more than weapons.

Duryodhan angrily says he did whatever he thought right. He had to destroy pandavs. Karn asks what about maata Kunti. A yodha cannot kill woman, children and weaponless person. Shakuni says he should understand that all is well in politics. Karn says he is right and says Duryodhan that his mama is destroying him and he will show shakuni how a warrior fights and walks towards shakuni with sword. Dushyasan holds sword on Karn’s neck and says he should not forget who made him Ang raj and attacks. Karn throws him on earth with one blow and he falls unconscious. Karn then walks towards Shakuni. Shakuni with shivering hands tries attack Karn with sword. Karn holds his hand and pushes him on groun and raises sword to kill Shakuni.

Duryodhan comes in between and Karn stops. Duryodhan asks why did stop, he should kill him. Karn says he showed cowardness by killing pandavs with a trick, so he sacrifices his friendship and Ang pradesh throne.

Draupadi reaches palace. Krishna from behind says new life has started.

Precap: After becoming yuvraj, Duryodhan tells Karn that he is happy that his friend attend his throning ceremony. Karn says he had promised, so came, now he breaks all their relationships from today.

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