Suryaputra Karn 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn pins down Bheem and grips him. Bheem arrogantly yells he will kill sooth putra today. Karn says he will not give him a chance at all. Duryodhan comes and shakes his brother to wake up, but he is already dead. He shouts at Bheem why did he kill his brothers. Karn leaves Bheem. Duryodhan angrily rushes towards Bheem to fight withthem, but Arjun comes and shoots arrow near his feet. Drona sas it is already sunset and war for the day is over. Duryodhan and Bheem angrily rush towards each other, but Bheem holds Duryodhan and Pandavs Bheem. Duryodhan says he will take revenge and Bheem says he will kill rest of his 95 brothers.

Gandhari lights up 5 lamps and confronts shivji that he gave her sons and took back and this

is injustice to her. Dhritarastra says people die in war and she should think that her sons reached martyrship. Warriors from both teams die and war brings destroyal always.

Kunti brings medicine for Karn and says a mother can sense when her son is injured. She after showing a bit of motherly concerns asks him to go and be with Duryodhan as he needs him at this emotional time.

Karn attends Duryodhan’s brother’s funeral. Dhritarastra attends funeral and tells Duryodhan that he is in deep pain hearing his sons’ death, Duryodhan lost 5 warriros, but he lost sons. Duryodhan tries to speak, but Dhritarastra stops him and orders him to stop this war right now.

Abhimanyu brings medicine for Arjun and says Karn’s 2 arrows injured him, so he brought medicine to heal his injuries. Arjun says he heard Duryodhan broke your chariot and it fell on you, you need treatment first. Abhmanyu says he is fine. Arjun warns him to stay away from Duryodhan. Uttara hears their conversation hiding, comes out and says dad is right. Abhimanyu says she should not listen to 2 warriors. Arjun gives him some moral gyaan. Abhimanyu say he is waiting when Duryodhan will be killed in war.

Dhritarastra says he will go tomorrow and meet Pandavs and accept defeat. Duryodhan retaliates Dhritarastra and says he should kill him before doing so as he will never forgive Pandavs for killing his brothers. Karn asks Dhritarastra if he can see his son being dragged in chains and forced to bend, then he should go to Pandavs, but before that, he should kill him. Dhritarastra says Dhritarastra he can go ahead with the war.

Pandavs discuss tomorrow strategy. Bheem says he will kill remaining 95 Kauravs and would have killed Duryodhan if sooth putra Karn would not have interefered. Arjun says he will look after Karn. Kauravs also discuss tomorrow strategy. Dhritarastra says he wants Bheem to die. Duryodhan says he will not spare Bheem tomorrow. Drona tells his plan. Karn says even he has a plan and tells his plan. Drona likes his idea. Krishna sees everything closing his eyes via telepathy and informs Pandavs that Duryodhan wants to take revenge and Karn wants to finish war tomorrow, his goal is to capture Yudistra.

Precap: Duryodhan says his goal is to capture Yudistra. Krishna says enemy wants them to shatter. Arjun shouts akraman…

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