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Suryaputra Karn 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhirath smiling while working looking at his wife Radha taking care of both babies. Soldiers come to his house and their head meets Adhirath and says he got an info that he saved an outside kid. He should know that he cannot keep an outsider kid. Village head asks Adhirath if he knows trying to make outside kid as his is a big sin than killing someone. Adhirath says both kids are his/ Soldier asks Radha to show their faces. Radha says she will scratch his face if he tries to look at his children and says she got 2 children after many years of marriage. A lady asks to call daayi/midwife to tell truth. Daayi comes and says Radha gaves birth to only 1 child and Adhirath had brought another child already. She says as per her experience, she can say elder baby was born

1-2 hours before. Radha brings Karn and asks Adhirath if this child is not hers? People start yelling that this must be some low caste child and will ruin their whole society.

Adhirath reminisces promise made to Priyamvada that he will keep secret that Karn is Kunti’s son. He tells everyone that Karn is his son, but Radha did not his mother. He saved Karn from flood, but could not save his mother. A man asks then how can this child be his son. He says Karn’s mother is his second wife and he had married her as Radha could not bear children after many years of marriage. People laugh on him that they came to solve one problem, but a big secret came out. Everyone leaves saying Radha should decide about her marriage now.

Radha says Adhirath that he betrayed her and if she had know about it, she would not have married him. She will neer forgive him for his betrayal. He pleads to listen to him. She keeps Karn outside home, get in and says Karn cannot be her son in this life and picks her own child. Adhirath feels devastated and dejected.

Radha completely ignores Karn and takes care of her son. Adhirath asks Radha he made a mistake, but what did this child do. She says child will remind her of his betrayal. She says how can she do that being a woman. She says if this is against womanhood, she repents being a woman. He asks where will Karn go. She asks him to send him to his mom’s parent’s house and orders to drop him tonight itself. He asks if this is her last decision. She turns her back. He picks his son Shurya, kisses his forehead, apologizes him and walks out with Karn. Radha asks if she will sacrifice her and her son for Karn. He calls he cannot make Karn orphan. She says she cannot live witout him. He says then she should accept Karn as her own son and will take care of him with their son Shaurya.

Radha says she will accept Karn, but she will not give him mother’s love until Karn proves she can trust him. She will even remove Adhirath from her heart. She leaves in a chariot leaving Karn and Adhirath alone.

Nine years later, a bit grown up karn challenges Surya/sun to accept his competency. He sees sunrise, throws skate board on snow and starts descending before sunrays could fall on him. He reaches his destiny and jumps, winning his challenge.

Precap: Karn saves Shaurya falling from a cliff. He picks glowing stone and thinks mom will be happy seeing it. He asks Radha to feed even him along with Shaurya. He then is seen riding chariot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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