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Suryaputra Karn 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn reaches a city with his family. He and Shon get mesmerized seeing a huge palace. Shon asks Tauji if it is a heaven. Karn says heaven is seen after death and they are alive. Tauji says he is right. Shon asks if palace is so big what about heaven. Tauji says whoever feel themselves as small build big palaces. Adhirath enters and says palace is significance of king’s rule and asks tauji not to misguide children. Tauji says he is teaching them good and if he wants he will teach them how to fear. Karn says fear is to be conquered. Tauji says his fearlessness makes him special and divya and one day people will call him Adhirath putra Karn. Karn says he will be Radhe Karn. Radha gets emotional hearing that. Adhirath says he will get entrance pass for city.

Tauji says he is going to meet his friend where sooth/low caste people live.

Adhirath gets entrance pass and enters city with other people after door is opened. Radha asks Shon to hold Adhirath’s hand as it is very crowded and herself holds Karn’s hand. Karn gets emotoinal seeing it and even Adirath gets happy.

Shon sees vast monuments and sculptures and runs towards it. Karn follows him. He asks karn who stays here. A kid comes out and says only kshatriya’s can stay here. Karn asks how to identify kshatriya. Kid says kshatriyas have glow on their face and weapons in their hands. Karn says he does not look like khatriya as he does not have either. Shon laughs. Karn asks where are people going. Kid says senapati is being honored by king for his bravery and saving a low caste family from tribals. Shon says even they were caught by tribals and he wants to see the event.

Shon runs into palace to watch the event and Karn follows him. They both stand in between common people. Senapati boasts himself that he saved low caste family from more than 500 tribals and punished them all. Shon laughs loudly. Senapati identifies Karn as the one who killed all tribals and gets tensed. King asks who dared to laugh in front of him. Karn shuts Shon’s mouth and apologizes king for his brother’s mistake. He silently taks him from there when queen Gandhari asks why did he laugh. Just when Karn is about to speak, Adhirath and Radha reach there and stop him. They both apologize king and queen and try to take children from there when king orders them to stop.

Precap: Shakuni is brought on cart and he comes in laughing weirdly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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