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Suryaputra Karn 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasdev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyan. He tells about revenge and forgiveness. Krishna suggests Arjun to get pashupathastra from Shivji and says route to get it is very tough. Arjun says he told him that more tougher the route is, more fruitful the destiny is. Krishna wishes him best of luck and he leaves. Krishna then smiles looking at a corner. Draupadi asks what happened. Krishna says spy who could not hide himself.

Spy informs Dhritarastra and his team about Arjun leaving to bring pashupatastra. He shouts that Arjun is going ot bring pashupatastra, but his son is playing flute here. He can see his son’s bleak future. Shakuni says he is unncessarily worrying, Arjun wll not reach kailash mountain at all. Dhritarastra asks if he has planned anything. Shakuni

says if he think he is feeding rishi Durvasa just like that. With Durvasa’s curse, Arjun and other Pandavs will be destroyed.

Shakuni with Duryodhan andDushyasan goes to Durvasa’s ashram and meets him. Karn is also present there serving food to Durvasa’s team. Durvasa sees Shakuni crying and asks reason. Shakuni says Pandavs are in trouble and he should go and solve their problem. Durvasa says sure and asks his student to inform Pandavs that he is coming to accept their hospitality. Once he leaves, Shakuni laughs and tells Duryodhan that hungry brahmin’s curse is very powerful, especially it is Duvasa’s, poor Arjun is in trouble now.

Panchali checks her utensils and thinks there is no grocery at home at all. She sees Yudistra meditating. Rishi Durvasa’s students come and informs her that Durvasa is coming with his 10,000 student team. Durvasa walks with his student team towards Pandav’s hut. Shakuni watches hiding and tells Duryodhan that Durvasa’s curse will surely destroy Pandavs. Draupadi searches all utensils for grocery, hears footstep sound and thinks Durvasa must have come and prays Govind/Krishna to help her. Krishna enters immediately with shank sound in the background.

Panchali says she is in big tension and seeks help. He asks her to feed him first as he is hungry. She gets tensed. He repeats that her friend is hungry. Panchali checks utensils again and says there is nothing in house. He says she is lying, takes utensil and sees a single grain in it and says he told she is hiding food from him. He takes out rice grain and eats it, enjoying its taste with closed eyes. It is then shown that he is holding whole world in his hand. Durvasa and his student teams enter hut and burp with full stomac. Duryodhan, Shakuni, Dushyasan also burp and even Karn burps in Hastinapur.

Krishna says Panchali he is full now and asks what is her problem. Durvasa enters and asks water. She gives water and says his student told he is coming for lunch. He says his stomach is full and he cannot have anything. Pandavs also enter and greet him. Krishna asks Durvasa why did he come here. Durvasa says Shakuni asked him to accept Pandavs’ hospitality. Krishna gives him moral gyaan that if he would have reasearched well, he would not have accepted Hastinapur’s invitation. Durvasa holds water in his hand, closes eyes, and sees whole Draupadi vastraharan and gambling incident with Dhritarastra’s vanvas condition. Durvasa says Kauravs tricked and planned to curse Pandavs via him, he will destroy them. Yudistra stops him. Durvasa blesses them that they will reach their destiny and if Kauravs battle with them, their whole clan will destroy.

Dhritarastra scolds Shakuni for his failed attempt and says he went to curse Pandavs, but gave them boon. He does not know how to protect his fool son Duryodhan now. Karn enters and says by doing digvijay yatra by bringing all Indian rajyas into Hastinapur’s rule and strengthen Hastinapur. Dhritarastra asks who will do digvijay yatra. Karn says he will do it. If Arjun can strengthen himself with tapasya/meditation, he will strengthen Hastinapur with digvijay yatra. Arjun is seen walking towards Kailash mountain.

Precap: Shakuni tells Duryodhan that Pandavs’ biggest strength is Krishna and they should get Krishna in their favor or get him away from Pandavs. Krishna does gadha fight with dau/elder brother and questions him if someone more powerful than human and like god, what will he do.

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