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Suryaputra Karn 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Krishna goes to Kunti and says he is hungry and Bheem told she prepares tasty kheer and rajbhog. She serves him food. He enjoys food and says it is very tasty. She gets sad. He asks if she is not happy that her sons will be doing raj suya yagna and she will be meeting them. She says she wants him to bring Karn for this yagna. He says she fed him tasty kheer, so he will make sure that Karn attends yagna with his brothers.

Karn angrily cuts logs in jungle. Krishna enters there and says he should attend yagna as his friend Duryodhan is attending. Karn says he is not interested. Krishna says he came to remind him about his promise to take care of Kunti. Karn agrees.

Karn travels on chariot with Kunti and Duryodhan/shakuni and stops chariot. Duryodhan asks what happened. Karn says Indraprastha border starts from here. Shakuni laughs that there is not even a stone over here and it is barren just like Pandavs. Karn says Vishwakarma made indraprastha, so he must have made something amazing. He sees flower and touches it. A beautiful palace emerges. Duryodhan and Shakuni are shocked while Karn and Kunti are amazed.

Krishna greets Karn and thanks him for coming to indraprastha yagna. Karn says he came to fulfill his promise, so he does not need his thanks. Krishna whatever the reason is, he accepted Pandav’s invitation. Yudistra greets him and Panchali performs his aarti.

Chedi naresh enters and starts insulting Krishna and Karn. Krishna says he made 1 sin and 99 are left for his death. Bheem gets angry, but Krishna stops him and says if host makes mistake, yagna will be waste. Panchali performs his aarti and he says even 100 women cannot satisfy a man, then how does she satisfy 5 men. Krishna gets angry hearing that and warns him that he is not host here and can confront him.

Precap: Chedi naresh misbehaves with Panchali.

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  1. Only karn point of view Mahabharat there’s no other than that always karn merging in Mahabharat situations no continuous sequence irritating pls make karn life in tis story and pls show karn matha rathe and kunti bond
    and virushali Supriya and karn wives not paanjali pls karn s good but why always showing that and it just like over reacting pls Duryodhan karn friendship scenes

  2. Its good and they need to show the mahabharat scenes. I disagree with ur comment MPLDevika.

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