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Shakuni tells Bhism that maharani Madari and maharaj Pandav are dead in jungle. Bhism says it is impossible. Shakuni says only he cannot get death, but common people can. Kunti and pandav’s lives are in danger in jungle. Bhism orders Dhritarastra to bring Pandavs and Kunti to hastinapur.

Karn enters home and gets sad seeing Shon writhing in pain and Radha applying medicine on his wounds. He goes near him and asks if he is fine. Shon says when he gets ill after eating 4 ladoos, how can he be fine after bearing 10 lashes. Karn applies medicine and shon writhes loudly. Karn apologizes. Shon says he made his brother apologize and says he needs a favor from him. Karn asks what does he need. Shon says he wants him to construct a city where low caste people are not punished and

are equal to khsatriya and other upper caste. He also wants him to take revenge. Karn says he will. Radha asks how will he take revenge. Karn says when bhism will sit on his chariot to examine him on Basant Panchami, he will take his revenge.

Duryodhan looks at Dhritarastra’s seat, imagines people calling him yuvraj, and sits on it closing eyes. Shakuni enters and says Bhism and Vidur punish him if the thinks of becoming yuvraj. They want Pandu putra Yudistra to become yuvraj and then maharaj. Duryodhan says he will not let that happen.

Vaidya/doc gives Adhirath medicine to apply on Shon’s wounds. Soldiers come and inform him that Bhism wants him to take Vidur into jungle. Adhirath asks reason. They say Pandu is dead and Bhism wants him to bring Kunti and his sons. Adhirath gets tensed.

Adhirath then goes home and asks Karn not to attend Basant panchami’s exam. Karn asks why. He says it is his order and says he knows about his plans and purposefully failing in first exam. Karn asks what should he do then. Adhirath says he knows he will hold weapons now, so it is better for him to sacrifice hastinapur. Radha asks what is he telling. He says he cannot suffer anymore because of Karn’s divyata/special powers, so Karn should go and stay with his tauji in jungle. Radha promises that Karn will not hold weapon or oppose kshatriyas. She asks karn to promise dad. Adhirath says just like lion cannot leave hunting, karn cannot stop holding weapon and opposing, so he wants karn to go from here. He says he is going to bring maharani kunti and before returns, Karn should leave hastinapur.

Shakuni with Duryodhan meets a killer rakshas. Duryodhan says Shakuni he told they will meet a warrior, but this man does not look either powerful or warrior. Shakuni asks him not to underestimate this killer rakshas. Duryodhan provokes him to fight with him and hits his weapon on ground. Ground cracks. Rakshas says human fight brainlessly, he is a rakshas and if he wants to fight, he needs a reward. Shakhuni says he will send cart full of food for him and his brother daily. Rakshas says he will crush pandav putras like an ant. Shakuni says they are not common kids and says each of pandav putra’s powers. He says they fought with snake clan people and defeated them easily.

Precap: Pandav putras are seen holding their weapons on hill.

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