Suryaputra Karn 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn says Jarasand that he knows he cannot be killed and should be torn into half and tries to tear him. Jarasand stops him and accepts his defeat. Ang people happily carry Karn and celebrate victory. Vaishali comes near Karn and checks his face saying she wants to see Ang raj looks like her Karn and does not have any injuries on his face. Karn emotionally hugs her.

Jarasand praises Karn that he did not see such a brave warrior in his life and asks Bhism where did he find this diamond from and if he has more. He gifts Karn Magadh’s city. Karn says he cannot accept it as he has to get Ang’s pride first and asks him to break water dam instead. Jarasand continues praising Karn and says he will break it if he agrees to help him once in life. Karn looks at dam and Ang people

and accepts Jarasand’s request and asks to break dam right now. Jarasand says Karn’s one arrow is enough to break it. Karn goes among people and says Jarasand thinks he can break dam with one arrow, but he thinks they should break it as they were deprived of water since ages. He gives digger to old man and says they both lost brother and son, he can take revenge of his bother’s death later, so it is old man’s turn to take revenge of his son’s death. Old man takes digger and runs towards dam. Jarasand smiles.

Duryodhan and his team fumes seeing Drona doing Yudistra’s yuvraj abhishek while Pandavs laugh and enjoy their victory.. He angrily breaks knife with his hand and later asks Dushyasan to beat him. Dushyasan says he cannot. Duryodhan orders him. Dushasyan attacks him with gadha crying. Duryodhan asks him to hit his face. Dhritarastra enters and asks Duryodhan what is he doing. Duryodhan says he is trying to feel the pain of his attack. Dhritarastra holds Dushyasan’s gadha and pleads Duryodhan not to give pain to his father and asks what he needs. Duryodhan shouts he needed yuvraj crown, but he gave that right to Yudistra. Dhritarastra says he is helpless as Pandav’s defeated Panchan naresh. Yudistra is just yuvraj and will have to answer people. He will send Yudistra in a war and anyone can lose life in war.

Ang’s people break water dam with weapons and happily wait for water follow. Water gushes out and they all jump in happiness. Karn and Vaishali smile seeing them happy and Jarasand smiles seeing Karn happy. People start dancing and Vaishali joins them.

Bhism tells Karn that he accepts that he underestimated him, he proved his promise that he is capable of becoming raja, now he will be made real Ang raja with abhishek. Karn smiles with proud.

Precap: Bhism announces Karn as Ang pradesh’s raja. Two soldiers come on horse with a message.

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