Suryaputra Karn 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Bhriyalala warns Duryodhan to go back from Virat. Duryodhan laughs. Bhism requests Bhriyalala to back off as he does not fight with women. Shakuni laughs and says why is he requesting an eunuch and Duryodhan orders soldiers to attack eunuch. Soldiers attack Bhriyalala/Arjun, but with 1 arrow he makes them all unconscious.

Duryodhan shockingly asks how can an eunch so many soldiers with just 1 arrow. Karn says eunuch made them unconscious and it needs years of practice. Duryodhan shouts he will fight and kill him now. Bhriyalala says he does not want to insult his knowledge fighting with him and asks to send real warrior. Duryodhan asks Bhism to go. Bhism says he will not insult his knowledge by fighting with woman and Bhriyalala is a half woman. Duryodhan then asks Drona to go.

Arjun thinks how can he fight with his teacher. Drona comes forward and thinks why Bhriyalala looks like Arjun. He attacks, but Arjun injures him with his arrow and feels guilty for injuring his guru. Drona realizes he is Arjun. Karn thinks why is Arjun playing around instead of completing his agyatvas.

Duryodhan thihnks how can an eunch injure Drona. Shakuni says he is Arjun in diguise and now they have to use their most powerful weapon Karn. Duryodhan asks Karn to fight next. Karn starts fighting and shooting weak arrows. Shakuni says they have to force Arjun to shoot Pashupatastra and show his identity, else die or go back to agyatvas. Karn picks arrow and gets most powerful astra.

Bhism says now they should go and help Arjun. Yudistra says if they go, Duryodhan will easily identyify them. Arjun says he has to save his brothers from agyatvas and gets pashupatastra.

Precap: Yudistra tells Bhism that according to rule, they finished agyatvas. Duryodhan says according to rule, one cannot lie and Arjun lied, so agyatvas is spoilt.

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