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Suryaputra Karn 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn’s friend hitting chariot’s button and horses panicking and running erroneously. Everyone get tensed seeing this situation. Karn runs to rescue his friend and climbs chariot. He tries to stop horses, but they don’t. He then jumps and climbs their backs and pulls their hair. Horses calm down and stop. Shon shouts brother. Radha gets tense thinking Shon is in dangerous and runs towards the spot. Karn then jumps from chariot. Shon runs and hugs him. Radha runs towards them and Karn gets happy thinking mom will hug him, but gets sad seeing her hugging Shon instead.

Sushim hugs Karn and asks why did he do bravery, what if something would have happened to him. He says his friend was in danger, so he could not resist himself. Tauji says Sushim

that his son is very brave and powerful. A man asks what chariot is it. Tauji says it is a divya rath and is very powerful. Another man requests to give it to him for 100 coins. Tauji gives a small lecture about its powers and then says he accepts his offer. Once everyone leaves, he removes shining pearl from chariot, gives it to Karn and asks him to give it to his mom to calm her anger.

Karn reaches home with pearl, sees mom washing dishes. Sushim calls her and she goes in. He cleans dishes and then keeps pearl and goes to sleep. Tauji silently watches everything. Radha comes back, picks pearl happily and goes in thinking shon has kept it, but gets angry seeing Karn smiling and throws it in fire. Tauji gets sad seeing this.

Tauji comes back home and asks Sushim to call Radha. She comes out. He says he earned wealth because of her son Karn and asks her to accept it to take good care of her both sons. She says she cannot accept it as seeing Karn itself is a big pain for her and she cannot take more burden. Tauji says if Shon would have done bravery, she would have accepted it. She says yes. He sys he is not and can see her difference for Karn. She agrees. Tauji says she is ruing her son’s future and gives an example. she counter examples and says she cannot love Karn and will not accept him. Karn silently hears her words and tears roll down his cheeks.

Precap: During archery competition, competitor announces who is dare to pick bow and shoot arrow. Karn picks bow and thinks it is made for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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