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Suryaputra Karn 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna tells Drupad that a new history will he created. He orders him to organize Draupadi’s swayamwar and invite all umarried raja and rajkumars. He continues that this swayamwar will be remembered in history and will be unique and continues describing..

Duryodhan asks Shakuni how did Karn change and who told him that he is behind pandav’s killings. Shakuni says Vasudev Krishna who is expert in everything, be it politics or battle.

Karn angrily shoots arrows in dart target reminiscing kunti’s bracelet and Duryodhan being pandav’s murder. He imagines Shon who says he is diverting away from his dreaming of bringing change. Karn says he does not want to help Duryodhan who is on wrong path now. Shon says Shakuni is pushing Duryodhan into wrong path and he should save his friend from Shakuni. Soldier comes and informs that Duryodhan has locked himself into a burning room. Karn rushes towards palace.

Karn reaches palace, breaks Duryodhan’s door and enters jumping fire and asks Duryodhan to come out. He says he will not come until his friend reaccepts him with heart. Karn stands silently. Duryodhan says he made mistake because of shakuni mama and will not listen to him again. Fire increases. Shakuni asks him to come out as their plan failed. Duryodhan says he will not and it is his repention. Karn takes Shon’s oath that he will be with his his whole life and extends his hand. Duryodhan smiles and comes out holding his hand.

Precap: Draupadi asks Krishna he told her swayamwar will be special and asks if he will keep a tough question which only Arjun can fulfill. Krishna nods yes. Karn is seeing entering swaywamwar venue.

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