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Suryaputra Karn 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan continues alleging Vidur that he tricked and brought Krishna to his room. Shakuni acts as warning Duryodhan not to speak against Hastinapur’s maha mantri. Duryodhan says Vidur is just a traitor and his father’s half brother, lady servant’s son. He is always with Pandavs and not Kauravs. Vidur gets very angry and picks his bow and arrow. His wife requests to forgive Duryodhan. Vidur says he is not a child. Duryodhan laughs. Vidur says Duryodhan should be kicked out. Duryodhan says he should be kicked out of Hastinapur and jailed. Vidur angry pulls bow string and bow breaks. Duryodhan laughs. Shakun requests Duryodhan to stop laughing and Vidur to forgive boy. Vidur shouts to get out. Duryodhan

walks out laughing. Vidur tells Vasudev that if bow had not broken, his brother Dhritarastra would have lost his son.

Shakuni alleges Vasudev that he played a nice game by accepting Vidur’s hospitality instead of Duryodhan’s. Vasudev says coming here is his decision, misbehaving with Vidur is Duryodhan’s decision, and party ways from helping Duryodhan in war is Vidur’s decision, everyone has rights to decide and paying for their crime. He wishes Shakuni pranipaat and leaves.

Kunti prays shiv idol in her room. Vasudev comes with food and says she will get bad dreams with empty stomach. She says she lost her hunger and sleep hearing news of war. He asks her to sit and asks if he says he will protect her son, will she not have food. She says how can she ignore his words. He feeds her food. Kunti says if her sons would have been here, they would have also fed her like this, she thanks him for coming. Krishna tells her that situation is very critical and he is trying to stop war, even she should. He asks if she remembers when he came during decision, he asked her to wait for an important work. She asks if he means, she should do that now. He is not asking her, he came here as peace messenger and is trying to stop work, but cannot be. Kunti says she is worried for the day when her sons will stand against each other to kill each other. Krishna says if her 6 sons are on 1 side, there won’t be any war. He is going to do what he thinks best and she should do what she thinks best.

Krishna meets Karn, happily hugs him and says why did not he come to greet him. Karn says he does not feel he is welcomed here. Krishna says he does not understand what he means. Karn says he knows Shakuni more than him and must be knowing Shakuni has planned to insult him. Krishna says his friend Karn will break Shakuni’s trap. Karn says what if he does not break it. Krishna says he will break it. Karn says he has born as human, so he does not know everything, so he should not go to rajsabha and meet Duryodhan. Krishna says he is right, even he is a human, so he is on Duryodhan’s side even if it is wrong. Karn requests to understand the risk and not go. Krishna says he knows what will happen inside and wants him to become evidence. He asks to meet after sabha and ask him what will happen next. He came to meet even him, he always questions why he is on ther side, if he is a creator or part of it, if he controls world or part of it. He is evidence of creation and today he will be evidence of him. Karn sees him walking.

Precap: Krishna addresses in rajsabha that he came as Pandav’s peace messenger , this war will bring great destroyal, so he wants everyone to help him stop this war. Duryodhan shouts he rejects his offer.

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