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Suryaputra Karn 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhism destroys Karn’s arrow and warns him that he is not a born raja, so he does not know that war is not a solution and raja’s duty is to protect his praja. Karn says hastinapur is so much blind and deaf that it cannot see hear Ang praja’s pleas and tears. Magadh raja’s ghost/danav starts insulting Karn and Bhism with his witty words. Karn angrily runs towards him to fight. Bhism takes out his arrow and warns Karn to stop. Vaishali stands in between. Bhism asks her to move aside as he does not attack women. Vaishali says she knows and says he knows Karn is his guru bhai/brother and will not stop.

Karn fights with danav and hits him repeatedly for insulting Ang raja, Bhism, and himself. Danav dies and his men elope. Karn then announces Ang people that they

are free now. People run and plead Bhism to save them. Bhism tells Karn that he harmed Ang people instead and invited war with Magadh raja Jarasand who is so powerful that Krishna also is afraid of him. Karn says he is ready to fight for people’s benefit.

Jarasand is shown beating many soldiers in a row at once and even 10-12 people unable to confront him. Soldiers inform him that Ang’s raja killed Davan and was so powerful that Davan could not even touch him and he his speed was faster than air and face had glow of more than 100 suns. Jarasim kills them with just twisting their shoulders and says he does not like powerful men.

Drona orders his students to go and attack Panchal raja and bring him here. Duryodhan says he will go first. Bheem says Yudistra is elder and will go first. Yudistra says Duryodhan is also his brother, so he can go first. Duryodhan moves ahead with his soldiers and siblings. Panchal greets him and says he is Hastinapur raja son and his friend, so he cannot fight with him. Duryodhan says his guru wants him to fight and get him as guru dakshina. Panchal naresh says old brahmin could not do anything, so he brainwashed his students and brought them to fight. He is ready then. War starts between Duryodhan’s army and Panchal army.

Bhism tells Karn that he will fight with Jarasand as he cannot withstand him long. Karn says Ang people will fight with Jarasand. Jarasand comes with his army.

Precap: Jarasand laughs at Karn and says he is a small kid in front of him and says he will kill both Karn and Bhism today.

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