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Suryaputra Karn 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya as brahmin telling karn if he can get herbal flower from mountain and give it to his mom before sun rays fall on her, his mom will be saved. Karn plucks flower and runs towards mom before sun rays reach his mom. He sees a water fall in between and prays surya to let him reach first and he will not compete with him again. He then falls into water fall. Tauji sees that and gets worried. Karn then walks out of river and runs again towards mom. He falls down and before sun rays could touch his mom Radha, he touches her with flower.

Radha’s poison effect vanishes and she wakes up smiling. Shon runs and hugs Karn and then holds her mom’s hands. Radha gets up and smiles at Karn.

Shani tells Surya that his son Karn is really a magical child and saved his foster mom by winning his challenge.

Adhirath tells Radha that Karn saved her life. Tauji tells Radha he told musk deer’s musk protects its life. Radha says musk deer does not understand its significance but human can. She starts crying and says human is afraid of taking her responsibility, but time gives courage to fight against fear.

Adhirath takes her in cart. She looks at Karn and reminisces the troubles she gave to him and rejecting him repeatedly even while Karn pleaded to accept her. She further reminisces Adhirath telling Karn tried what a man could not do to save her. She sees Karn crying and his hand bleeding with injuries and concerned, but hesitates to hold it. Karn sees her crying and closes his eyes. She finally holds his hand and shows her motherly love. She applies ointment on his hand. Karn wakes up and she smiles. Karn gets happy.

Radha smiles and makes karn and shon sleep on her lap. They both then fall asleep. In the morning, when sun rays fall on their faces, they both wake up and are mesmerized to see new colorful city.

Precap: Tauji scolds Karn and Radha takes his side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. amazng episd.finly radha acceptd litl karn.karn ,de son f sun bcm radheputr.gud nyt litle cute my hero karn

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