Suryaputra Karn 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Virat raj thanks Yudistra for making him realize his powers. Yudistra says Raja’s powers come from his self conscience. Arrows hit soldiers and they die. One of them informs Virat raj that Sushema raja has attacked. Yudistra thinks Duryodhan must have attacked with Sushema.

Duryodhan on his chariot heads towards Virat with Bhism, Karn, Shakuni and rest of army. Karn says Virat raj has sent a signal, so they should send message that they need only pandavs and don’t want to harm others. Duryodhan says Virat raj will suffer for protecting Pandavs. He says they will attack from behind while Sushema keeps Virat soldiers in front. Bhism says it is injustice and illegal. Duryodhan says he called him to be evidence of this injustice.

Pandavs walk out of palace thinking their agyatvas will finish today after Krishna comes here. They see flag downing and people panicking. Panchali says they cannot go from here and it is their duty to protect Virat as they were here hiding here for 1 year. Yudistra says Panchali is right. Nakul says they were a servant here. Yudistra says then it is their duty to protect their boss. They see rani and rajkumari telling they will fight and protect Virat raj. Yudistra says they should learn from these women at least. Nakul says he is right. They all then walk into town and see soldiers looting shop. Yudistra orders Nakul and Sahdev to control soldiers and asks Bheem to find out Virat Raj soon. They see Sushema dragging Virat raj and laughing that he is an old raja and is his servant now. Bheem stops Sushema. Sushema asks who is he. Bheem says head cook. Sushema laughs on him and orders soldiers to catch him. Bheem attacks soldiers.

Rajkumar tells his mother that he will bravely fight like Arjun. Sariandari/Panchali says he can take musician lady as charioteer as she was Arjun’s charioteer. Rajkumar jokes at first but agrees.

Precap: Rajkumar says he will fight with powerful warriors Bhism and Karn, but gets afraid seeing him. Arjun says he will fight with him. Rajkumar says he is eunuch, then how will he fight. Arjun says he is kunti putra Arjun and it is time to return back to battle field.

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