Suryaputra Karn 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan dismisses Bhism from his duties and tells him that he thinks only of Pandavs, so he is dismissed. If Karn cannot participate in war, then even he should not. Bhism says he will not participate in war. Shakuni asks Duryodhan not to become a fool. Duryodhan shouts and sends him from there. Bhism tries to leave. Karn stops him and says he will convince Duryodhan and everything will be alright. Bhism thinks nothingg can be alright now and says he does not want to hear sooth putra.

Arjun reminisces Krishna’s words that how will he take revenge when he is thinking too much. Draupadi comes and asks why is looking tensed. Arjun says he is thinking if war is right thing for revenge, if they are making a big mistake.

Draupadi asks if he forgot her insult, this war is important and is a dharm yudha for upcoming generations that whoever does adharm and whoever sees it are both culprits. Arjun sits tensedly. Draupadi says it is his Dharm. Arjun says how can he attack Bhism. Draupadi asks if he forgot her insult and Bhism and other elders watching it silently, if he thinks they were right. He says it was wrong and he is thinking if he uses their way, there won’t be any difference between them. She holds his hand and says he is tired and should rest. Arjun says how can he when he knows he has to attack his elders.

Shakuni warns Duryodhan that he is making a big mistake by trusting Karn who lost his proective barrier. Kaurav’sreal power is Bhism and not kavach kundal lost Karn. If he thinks carefully he will realize that Karn has soft corners for Pandavs and will not be loyal. Duryodhan twists Shakuni’s fingers and warns him to be in his limits, if he can kill others, why will he spare him. Shakuni claps and says he insulted his maama who sacrified his life to make him a king.

Vrishasen tells Karn that Bhism wants to protect Pandavs and knows they are not safe if Karn takes part in war, so he tried to get him out of war. Karn asks him to calm down. Vrishasen asks how can he when he is needed most in war. Karn says Bhism is very powerful and even Parashuram could not defeat him. He takes him to balcony and asks when he came in, who was outside. Vrishasen says soldiers. Karn asks where are soldiers then, they have gone to check with their senapati if Bhism is out of war or not, if yes they will run away. Bishm as trus of sena. Vrishsen asks what will he do now. Karn says as a warrior respecting superior warrior and making his friend a king.

Precap: Krishna announces that he will not pick weapon during war.

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