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Suryaputra Karn 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn pleads Dhritarastra to spare his brother and asks Duryodhan to request his father. Duryodhan says Dhritarastra when he cannot imagine even his one son out of 100 being separated, Karn’s parents have only 2 sons. Karn pleads Yudistra to speak as Shon helped him search Bheem. Yudistra says he cannot say help him and says when one cannot be punished, he cannot be blessed also. Karn pleads Dhritarastra again to spare his brother. Whole sooth community pleads. Vidur orders soldiers to pour boiling gold in Shon’s mouth. Karn runs towards Shon to protect him when Bhism throws his arrow and it becomes rope and ties Karn. Karn falls on ground. Bhism reminds Shon of his promise that he can ask anything once in life. Shon says even he promised he will never ask anything from

him and says he will oppose until changes happen in society. Soldiers pour molten gold into Shon’s mouth and he dies on the spot. Karn goes speechless in a shock.

Karn takes Shon’s dead body for funeral and puts it on woods to set afire. Tauji angrily asks people if they enjoyed Shon’s sacrifice. Radha comes with Karn’s bow and gives him her promise him to fight and get justice for his brother. Karn reminisces Shon’s words that he will not keep quiet until change is brought into society and molten gold being poured into his mouth. He holds bow. Bhism and Karn come for funeral and are shocked to see him holding bow. Karn reminds his promise to Bheem that whenever he will pick weapon again, whole world’s powers would not be able to stop him.

He holds arrow to shoot, but then stops reminiscing Shon. He imagines Shon holding his hand and telling he should not calm down until he gets justice. Karn apologizes for not protecting him. Shon says he does not need apology but his anger and promise to make changes in society. Karn holds arrow and smiles and then realizes shon is dead. He shoots arrow in air and it goes and hits palaces’s flag. Flag falls. Arjun shoots arrow and fixes flag back on place. Karn comes and asks till when he will protect rajmahal’s flag.

Precap: Bheem tries to attack karn with his gadha, but Karn shoots arrow and his gadha falls. Arjun points arrow on karn when Kunti stops them and says Karn she said her blessings will be with him until he is on path of dharm. Karn says bringing change in society is his dharm.

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