Suryaputra Karn 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Injured Karn gets devastated seeing his Ang pradesh people fighting with each other. One old man helps him.

Drona asks his students if they are ready to bring Panchal raj and give his guru dakshina. Yudistra says he is proud to give his guru dakshina, but wants to know why he needs Panchal raj. Drona says he expected this question from dharm raj Yudistra and tells a story of brahmin and rajkumar friends who went to same school in childhood and learnt all the skills. They both promise to share 50% of what they get during their youth days. Rajkumar becomes raja and when brahmin friend goes to seek his share, raja insults him and kicks him out of palace. Drona says Brahmin is him and raja is Panchal raj dhraupad. He wants to take revenge from draupad for insulting him. Arjun says he will get justice to his guru and bring panchal raj here.

Karn thanks old man who helps him and asks why people are fighting for each other. Old man says people are fighting for food here and they can do anything for food. He continues though they are under hastinapur rule, they did not get any benefit from hastinapur yet and instead hastinapur raja forces them to prepare liquor for Magadh. Karn asks why did he help him. Old man says he had a son like him, but he won’t be knowing what sacrifice is. Karn says he lost his innocent brother and knows what sacrifice and losing dear ones.

In the morning, old man shows magadh danav forcing Ang people to prepare liquor and depriving them from water. He sees Karn and laughs that he did not learn lesson from yesterday. Karn says he will free Ang people from his torture and shoots arrow on him, but Bhism reaches on time and breaks Karn’s arrow with his arrow.

Precap: Bhism warns Karn that he made a big mistake by killing Magadh raja’s servant and invited for a war. Magadh soldiers hold Karn and raja invites karn for a fight.

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