Suryaputra Karn 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Samb tells Duryodhan that he will head narayani sena, so there will not be any injustice. Duryodhan agrees and happily leaves. Vasudev asks Arjun why did he chose him instead of vast Narayani sena. Arjun says what is the use of narayni sena without him, he is the world. Vasudev smiles and asks him to rest and then go. Laxmana who watches everything comes and holds Vasudev’s feet and apologizes, says he was right, he does does not choose people, but people choose him.

Karn reminisces Vrishasen telling he will take part in war and will be on Samb’s side. He thinks of confronting Samb and rushes on his horse. Vrishasen sees him going and asks his mother where is dad gonig. He finds a chit for him.

Duryodhan travels back towards Hastinapur laughing that he got vast narayani sena now. Karn meets him on the way and asks if he got Vasudev’s help. Duryodhan says he had to select between Vasudev and narayani sena, so he selected narayani sena. Karn says he did a big mistake. Paundrak Vasudev comes there.

Arjun goes back to Krishna and says he saw a weird thing today. Krishna asks if he is referring to Paundrak Vasudev. Arjun yes. Krishna asks to give the soil Paundrak gave. Arjun hands him small soil bag.

Duryodhan tells Karn that Paundrak Vasudev helped him trick Arjun and reach Dwarka first. Shakuni had sought help from Paundrak and he help him. Karn says he used dirty tricks again. Paundrak starts badmouthing Krishna. Karn gets angry and is about to kill Paundrak when Krishna enters and stops Karn.

Precap: Krishna says Poundral Vasudev that he gave him many opportunities and he should stop mimicking him. Poundrak says he is tricking instead. Krishna tells Durydohan, he cannot pick weapon, but can kill Poundrak.

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