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Suryaputra Karn 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Duryodhan jumping in front of tiger. Karn walks with Shon towards home. Shon asks him to bear mom’s beatings instead of him as he has protective barrior/kavach. Karn says he knows his kavach cannot protect from mom’s beatings. They both see Radha near door holding aarti thali. She asks Karn to come and accept aarti for punishing Dushyashan and challenging Bhism. He says it is his struggle. She asks till when she should bear his struggle and feel anger. He gives her stick and asks to calm her anger. He extends his hand and closes his eyes. Radha’s tears fall on his hand and he says he can bear her beatings and not her tears. She asks if he knows what mistake he did. Adhirath comes and says he knows everything but does not know its end result.

She will have to sacrifice him if he fire of revenge does not calm down.

Duryodhan’s younger brother asks why he plays with tiger and throws human as pray in front of it. He says he wants to be with tiger than mouse and orders soldiers to take away man and bring some powerful one tomorrow. Dushyasan enters injured. Duryodhan asks who injured him. Dushyasan tells whole story how Karn punished him. Duryodhan shouts karn’s name. Tiger attacks him and throws tiger on floor with 1 blow of his weapon.

Adhirath asks Karn to apologize Bhism. Bhism says he will not. Adhirath takes stick and says he cannot oppose and should apologize. Karan says he will not. Adhirath starts beating him severely and says he cannot sacrifice him, so he should apologize Bhism. Shon interferes and asks Karn to go from there. Karn says Adhirath he does not have answer for his anger and leaves apologizing him.

Duryodhan orders soldiers to follow him as he wants to attack Karn. Dushyasan says if they don’t obey Duryodhan, they will be killed. Bhism says without senapathi’s orders, soldiers will not obey him. Duryodhan asks him to order soldiers as he wants to punish sooth putra karn for punishing Dushyasan. Bhism says Dushyasan could not hold himself on Karn’s chariot, so there is no question of punishment. Duryodhan says his father is king and he has right to order soldiers. Bhism says Pandu is king and is in jungle for tapasya, so Dhritarastra is an interim king, he should understand that. Duryodhan orders dushyasan to gather their 100 brothers to attack karn.

Karn’s friends are surprised to see Karn’s air chariot. One of them asks how did he construct it. Shon says it in religious scripture and being a brahmin he must be knowing. Friend says if he had learnt reading scriptures, he would not have asked, he wants to become veena player instead. Shon jokes with him. Vaishali comes and asks where are they going. Shon says karn is taking them all on his air chariot. Vaishali says without her, how can they go and gets into chariot. Shon says karn now he cannot deny taking them on his chariot. They all travel on karn’s air chariot. Vishali enjoys climate. Shon jokes to hold karn’s hand if she is afraid. She says if she holds karn’s hand, he will freeze in shy. Karn smiles.

Dushyasan shows air chariot to Duryodhan and says sooth putra came on it and punished him. Duryodhan says he will not walk on his feet from hereon.

Precap: Duryodhan with his brothers surround karn and asks to protect himself if he can.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nyc episode gn hg but i dont think karan was so egoistic and y rival bhishm ….

  2. Nys epi except adhirath beatng karn.i m sure both karn nd suyodhan hav reincarnated in contemporary times.hope maintain the same bond u had in ur prev incrns,nd i wish u both vry bright future nd gud fate esp 4 karn who facd bd fate.happy raksha bandhan 2 both of u bth.gud mrng karn,suyodhan nd richu.

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