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Suryaputra Karn 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purochan sees all Pandavs unconscious after consuming poisoned food and burns palace. Karn reaches spot on chariot and is shocked to see palace already burning. He tries to enter, but could not due to fire. He angrily says Duryodhan did wrong and shouts when nature’s rule is for justice, then why is this injustice, how can world’s greatest warriors die like this.

Krishna address rishis and Dhraupad the qualities of fire and after a long moral gyaan greets Dhraupad’s daughter Dhraupadi to come out of fire. Dhraupadi comes out of fire and touches Dhraupad’s feet. Dhraupad happily calls her daughter and says she has to marry Arjun who is his enemy Drona’s biggest strength. Gaurd comes and informs that Arjun died in palace fire.

Dhraupad asks Vasudev Krishna how can Pandav’s die so easily. When Arjun is not alive, he does not need this daughter. He asks his son Dhristadhyumn to follow him and destroy Drona today. Son nods yes.

After palace burns into ashes, Karn looks at Pandav’s dead bodies covered with white cloth. He looks at a bangle near by one dead body and sits in front of it crying and imagines Kunti wearing it and also imagines the time he spent with her since childhood, she feeding him like a mother, asking him to consider her sons as his brothers, etc. He thinks he wanted change against injustice. He angrily says Kunti’s murderer will be punished for sure and he will punish him.

Precap: Karn tells Duryodhan he is always against injustice and asks why did he wrongly kill Pandavs. Shakuni says their death was necessary. Karn says he will kill him today and raises his sword.

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