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Suryaputra Karn 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn seeing Radha writhing in pain and injured and requesting tribal head to save her mom and call vaidya/doc. Tribal head says even his life is at risk. Karn says he can give his life in exchange of his mom. Head says only his tribal god can save his mom.

Surya is seen in his surya lok. Shani comes and tells his son is in trouble and if he will not save him. Surya says his son is undergoing examination and if he passes, he will be most happy as a father. He asks Shani if he will not help Karn as a brother. Shani says that is what he is trying to..

Tribal head orders his men to throw Karn out ad he is thrown out. He falls on Surya’s feet who is disguised as sadhu brahmin blesses him. Karn runs back to Radha ad asks Tauji how to save mom. Tauji says if they know what poison did tribal throw on Radha, they can save her with antidote. Surya comes in and says tribals use a special poison on their arrows and they can get antidote only from a mountain far away and if they don’t get antidote by tomorrow morning, with first sun rays Radha will die. Adhirath says how will they go out from here. Shon shows his broken bow and asks him to kill tribals to free themselves from here. Karn says he promised mom that he will not touch bow. Tauji says his mom’s life is in danger and he has to use his bow and arrow to save her. Karn says he will not until mom permits. Karn reminisces brahmin’s words.. He hears tribal head ordering to bring Radha for bali/slaughter.

Karn prepares bow from jugle wood and enters cave back. Adhirath sees tribal men walking towards Radha to take her for bali and requests them to kill him and spare his family. He tries to stop them and they push him. Karn holds him on time. He jumps and throws all 4 men on floor. He then catches another tribal’s arrow and kills him. He takes his arrows and shoots at all tribals , easily killing them all.

Precap: Surya as brahmin tells Karn if he can bring herbs and give it to Radha before sunrays fall on her, she will be saved.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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