Suryaputra Karn 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyan. Yudistra reaches rajmahal and asks Dhritarastra what are his orders now. Dhritarastra says he does not want anyone to feel he did injustice with them, so he wants to do justice this time. Yudistra asks to be specific. Dhritarastra says he did injustice to Duryodhan by returning Indraprastha and all wealth and wants to do justice with him. Bheem says it is inustice. Shakuni says it if was injustice, they would have been slaves even now. Yudistra asks what does he suggest then.

Shakuni says one more gambling game. Dhritarastra says whoever loses this time will have to go on 13 year vanvaas, 12 years of jungle and 1 year of isolation, and if they are found between people, they should go on 13 years vanvaas again.

Karn warns Yudistra not to accept this injustice again and reject it right away. Yudistra says he can reject this offer, but he cannot reject his elder’s order. Karn says when he pleaded him for justice when his brother Shon was murdered, he promised him to help him bringing chang,e but he himself is doing injustice now. Vidur warns him not to accept, but Yudistra shouts he will accept it.

Vasudev Krishna continues consoling Panchali and says if she wants, he will destroy whole Kaurav vansh, but what after that, it would be a big moral failure. He continues.

Yudistra gambles again and loses. Shakuni laughs and asks him to get ready for 13-year vanvas and says Draupadi saved herself last time and he bet her. Bheem shouts and takes oath to kill everyone who insulted Draupadi. Arjun shouts they will return back after 13 years for a big war.

Karn says Pandavs that they are adharmis to ruin other’s lives and he will fight with them now. Dharma means not to harm anyone or their feelings, but they always did wrong, he will fight a mahabharath with them. Vasudev Krishna tells same about Mahabharath battle to Draupadi.

Precap: Pandavs apologize Krishna. Krishna says he will not forgive them as they are adharmis.

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