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Suryaputra Karn 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn walking towards Bhism and asking his exam scores. Bhism comes near him. Dushyasan’s friend tells this sooth boy insulted rajkumar Dushyasan. Dushyasan asked Bhism to punish sooth son. Bhism asks what did he do. Dushyasan says he dared to make air chariot being a sooth. Bhism says air chariot does not come under parampara/religious rules, so everyone has right on it and says Karn he is happy with his invention. Everyone start chanting Bhism’s name.

Bhism tells Karn though he made air chariot, he failed in simple task of protecting his chariot passenger and even after being a son of best chariot Adhirath’s son, he could ride chariot properly, so he failed in his exam. Karn asks what is the use of knowledge which cannot be used properly.

Bhism says he will reexamine him after 1 month. Karan asks if he will dare to sit on his chariot that day. Dushyasan says he is so arrogant that he is questioning Bhism. Bhism says self-confidence is not arrogance. He will ride his chariot. Karan says he will wait for that day and leaves on his chariot.

Adhirath apologizes Bhism for his son’s mistake. Bhism says his son is bright like a fire and is special. Adhirath asks what if lam’s fire burns house. Bhism says his son is burning in sadness, so he should teach him to be happiness and if he cannot, he should sacrifice him.

Karn sees Shon crying loudly and his friend asking where will he go. Shon says he cannot tolerate his mom’s repeated taunts and even his dad will punish him. Karn asks if he will not celebrate. Friend asks how can he celebrate defeat. Karn says he is happy to lose and will wait for the day when Bhism rides on his chariot and he will prove Bhism’s incompetency to ride chariot. He then says Shon lets go home, else mom will come searching them. Shon hesitates, but he holds him and walks.

Vaishali throws stone on him and he holds it. She smiles looking at him and calls him failed charioteer. He says he threw hastinapur’s rajkumar from his chariot many times, even then she considers him as failed. She says brave warrior and failed charioteer. They both then walk holding each other’s hand. She shows him a mud pot. He asks what is it. She says medicine to apply on wound. He says he is not injured. She says she is injured. He asks where. She searches and shows her hand. He smiles. She asks him to apply medicine even on his wound. He says he already applied by challenging Bhism. She says she is happy for him. He says he be killed if he throws Bhism from chariot. She says it is better to beheaded than bending head.

Vaid pleads Dushyasan to apply medicine on his wounds. Dushyasan reminisces Karn insulting him, throws medicine, and says his brother Duryodhan will protect him.

A tiger tries to attack man and man pleads to save him. He runs and falls down and tigers walks towards him. Just when it nears man, Duryodhan jumps near it with weapon and firewood.

Precap: Duryodhan inspects Dushyasan’s wounds and asks who injured him. He orders soldiers to gather as he wants to punish sooth putra Karn.

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  3. actions speak louder than words..apt for karn..dushyasan really had a great time…nyt everyone

  4. From where the hell they are getting this story. Dere is nothing in real mahabharata regarding dushashan nd karna rivalry, indeed dey were good friend. Nd dushashan meet karna first time only in rangbhoomi. Why dey are spoiling the knowledge

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