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Suryaputra Karn 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Before Karn’s raj abhishek, Bhism insults Karn that his dream of sitting between rajkumars is fulfilled, but how wil he learn ruling Ang pradesh. He will repent if he goes there. Karn says he became Ang raj to bring good governance and get justice to people. Bhism says he knows his enemies here, but in Ang pradesh his enemies are invisible. Karn says he fought with invisible enemies most of his life and takes oath that he guru Parashuram’s student will not get his raj abhishek until he brings good governance in Ang pradesh. Bhism announces that Karn’s raj abhishek is postponed for some time.

Duryodhan praises Karn that he did not make any mistake by making him Ang raj. Karn says he needs to bring good governance in Ang pradesh. Duryodhan says now they both have

a motto each for them and wishes him good luck.

Karn touches Kunti’s feet and asks if he will succeed in bringing good governance in Ang Pradhesh. She blesses for his success. He comes near his chariot and sees Vaishali on charioteer’s seat and says he needs a charioteer to guide him, so she will be his charioteer to Ang Pradesh. He says he says he cannot be in peace if something happens to her. She takes his bow and says this bow will protect him from enemies and she will protect him from evil thoughts and calm his mind. He agrees to take her along. Radha comes there and he runs and falls on her feet. She says she could not come and bless Radhe Karn, but is blessing Ang Raj karn now. He requests to bless him success. She blesses. Their emotional talks continue. Adhirath watches them emotionally hiding behind tree.uvraj. Karn leaves towards Ang pradesh with Vaishali.

Drona addresses his 105 students and says they should bring Panchal raj at any cost and whoever brings him will be Hastinapur’s yuvraj. Yudistra says he does not know if he can give him hastinapur’s yuvraj, he will give him guru dakshina though and asks to bless him. He blesses all 5 pandavs. Dhritarastra says Yudistra he is elder son and should protect all his 104 brothers. Yudistra says he will protect his brothers don’t mind losing his life.

Karn sees 2 routes while traveling and asks people which way is Ang pradesh. One traveller runs hearing Ang pradesh. A few of them laugh hearing Ang pradesh, show him route and ask him not to seek their help if he gets into trouble.

Shakuni sees Bhism walking out of palace and asks where is he going. Bhism says Ang pradesh. Shakuni asks if he wants to fail Karn’s motto. Dhritarastra hears their conversation and asks Bhism why he wants to go there. Bhism says Ang pradesh and magadh raj have an agreement where Ang people help Magadh raja and Karn opposes it, there will be big problem. He is worried that Ang people will not accept Karn as their raja.

Precap: Karn stops Ang pradesh man beating an woman. Man asks who is he. Karn says he is Radhe Karn, Ang pradesh’s raja.

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