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Suryaputra Karn 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purochan sees Krishna and says he forgot that he is pandav’s cousin and would not like him destroying Hastinapur. Krishna says he came here to establish dharm and came on his invitation.

Bheem angrily asks Purochan till howmany hours he has to wait for food, his servants say they will not serve food until he comes. Purochan gets angry seeing his arrogance. Yudristra says his brother did not mean it and says palace is really beautiful. Purochan says by tomorrow morning, there won’t be any defects in it. He asks servants to serve food and asks his wife if she mixed poison in food and she says yes.

Rishi tells Dhrupad that he will get his son with this yagna. Dhrupad remembers Drona’s insult and tells he wants his son to defeat Drona. Krishna describes qualities of his son and a man emerges from yagna fire. Krishna continues describing he will be powerful like agni, etc.. A woman is seen greeting Krishna and Krishna says nobody knows about her.

Yagna fire increases again. Rishi’s get tensed seeing that. Cave starts breaking. Rishi says cave is not withstanding yagna fire and they have to discontinue yagna. Krishna says they cannot discontinue yagn and continues his moral gyaan.

Purochan serves food to pandavs and says his wife prepared it with great care and they are very lucky to serve them. Kunti says they will serve themselves. Purochan says he cannot lose the chance to serve them last them, then says they are going from here and will not come back, so he wants to serve them. Kunti asks him to join them. He says he cannot sit with royal people and will have food later. Pandavs finish food.

Karn travels towards palace on his chariot to save Pandavs.

Precap: Karn looks at palace burning and says Duryodhan did wrong. Krishna comes and says sometime destroyal makes way for new construction. A lady is seen emerging from yagna fire.

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