Suryaputra Karn 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan rushes towards Krishna’s room. Arjun enters and sees him ahead. Duryodhan says he came a bit late and smirks. He then reaches Krishna’s room and sees him sleeping. He sits near Krishna and waits for him to wake up. Arjun enters and thinks he should wait until Madhav wakes up. He sits near Krishna’s feet. Shank blows in the background. Duryodhan taunts that he forgot khatriya dharm after he became eunuch for 1 yea. Arjun says he is sitting in front of his god’s feet and closing his eyes calls Madhav. Krishna opens eyes and asks Arjun when did he come. Arjun says he was resting, so he did not wake him up. Krishna asks to come and sit next to him. Arjun says he came to take help..Duryodhan

stops him and says he came first. Krishna says he is surprised to see him. Duryodhan says he is surprised instead as he woke up seeing Arjun even after he came first. Krishna says he saw Arjun first, so Arjun will get help. Duryodhan says his challenge was whoever comes to Dwarka first will get help. Krishna says his challenge was whomever he sees first, so Arjun will get help first. Duryodhan says he is using tricks again. Arjun asks Duryodhan not to allege Krishna and tells Krishna that Duryodhan came first, so he should get help first. Duryodhan says yes and says he should help Kauravs. Krishna says that means he has to help both Pandavs and Kauravs. Duryodhan asks what is this now. Krishna says he should have thought well before speaking and says he asked him to help Kauravas and according to rule, even Pandavs are from born in Kaurav clan, so he will distribute his help into two as it is in his blood to be impartial.

Duryodhan asks how will he help them both, if it is his trick as usual. Krishna says by division, earlier he did division to stop war and now for war. He will divide Dwarka’s army into 2, on one side his powerful Narayani army which never faced defeat. Duryodhan imagines huge army and smirks. Krishna then says on the other side it will be him alone weaponless, he will promise that he will not hold weapon at any circumstance, not even sudharshan chakra. Durodyan asks if he is sure. Krishna says he heard right. Duryodhan says he decided what he needs. Krishna says he will not get chance to ask as Arjun is his brother and brother gets right to ask first. Krishna says Arjun is enemy and Krishna is forgetting his promise. Krishna says he is talking about rules. Duryodhan says according to rules, Arjun cannot seek help as he is not raja. Krishna says even he cannot seek help as he is yuvraj and not raja. Duryodhan says he is representing his father. Arjun says even he is representing his brother. Duryodhan says Yudistra is not raja.

Krishna asks Arjun which side he wants. Arjun says he needs Krishna. Duryodhan laughs and sys he has gone made to select weaponless Krishna instead of powerful narayani army. Krishna smiles. Duryodhan says he is laughing, means he is tricking, he is his army’s chief and army will obey only him and will harm Hastinapur army instead. Samb enters and says army will obey as he will head narayani army.

Precap: Karn confronts fake Krishna and asks who is he. He says he is Poundra Vasudev and he will kill both

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