Suryaputra Karn 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti and Pandavs reach a beautiful palace and get mesmerized with its beauty. Bheem says whatever is beautiful is danger and something must be wrong here.

Duryodhan and Shakuni laugh thinking Pandavs and their mother Kunti will be bunt into ashes. Duryodhan gives a pot to Purochan and asks him to bring pandav’s ashes in it and he wants to perform their last rights. Purochan leaves holding pot. Karn walks in and clashes with Purochan. He asks where is he going in a hurry and says he will pick his pot. Purochan warns him not to touch it as it is very hot and is prakash kund. This pot will change Hastinapur’s history and they both need not worry as they are on winner’s side. He picks pot and leaves saying he is going to varnavwrath. Karn reminisces Krishna discussing about prakash kund and danger, etc.

Dhrupad while performing havan with rishis and asks them when will 2 guests come. Rishis ask him to wait. Krishna comes there and tells he already as fire in havan as his friend and tells qualities of fire.

Karn goes to meet Duryodhan. Shukuni stops him and says Duryodhan is not here. Karn says he does not trust him and knows his friend is here. Shakuni says he is just a servant and is given a duty of protecting Ang pradesh, so he should go there and take care of Ang. Karn says he is not living in his sister or nephew’s house and their charity. He respected him till now as he is Duryodhan’s uncle and is well wisher of him. He will know why purochan came here and what is secret behind prakash kund. He greets him and leaves. Shakuni thinks until he knows the secrets Pandavs will be burnt into ashes and nobody can stop Shakuni from finishing his task, not even ang raj Karn.

Karn searches Duryodhan and Pandavs and does not find him in palace. He thinks Pandavs are Duryodhan’s enemy, where they must have been now. Adhirath comes and says varnavwrath as Duryodhan has built a palace for them via Purochan. Karn thinks Pandav are being tricked and from there.

Precap: Karn in his chariot rushes towards Varnavwrath to save Pandav’s. Purochan serves poisoned food to Pandavs and smirks.

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