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Suryaputra Karn 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Krishna, Arjun, and Bheem carry flowers into palace. Karn watches him and feels he saw them somewhere. Old man asks Karn if Krishna sent him to free him and others. Karn says no. Old man says then he is not yet free and says Krishna came in his dream yesterday night and said he will free him. Karn realizes first brahmin was Krishna and says he came already.

Jarasand wrestles with men and defeats them and asks if anyone can still dare to defeat him. Krishna with Arjun and Bheem enters venue. Jarasand says weak brahmins cannot fight with him. Krishna says they were going to temple and stopped to watch his fight. Jarasand says then they should leave. Krishna says ok and pushes Bheem in. People shouts brahmin wants

to fight. Jarasand asks if he really wants to fight. Bheem says yes. Jarasand accepts his challenge and is about to fight when Karn enters and asks him not to fight as one who wants to fight is Bheem and not brahmin, other one is Arjun and one standing behind Bheem is Vasudev Krishna. Jarasand fumes seeing Krishna’s tricks.

Karn says Jarasand it is up to him to fight with Bheem or not. Krishna says Karn is right and he has right to leave. Jarasand laughs and says he is not a desserter like him, he will fight and tear Bheem into two and then will kill Krishna.

They both start fighting vigorously beating each other continuously with sunset and rise many times. Arjun asks Krishna if this battle will end or not. Krishna says one that is started has to end, his wait will be over soon. Bheem throws Jarasand on floor. Karn encourages Jarasand to get up and fight. Bheem tears Jarasand into two and shouts that Jarasand is finished. Jarasand’s body joins back and he gets back to life, laughing. He says he got a boon that he will not die even if his body is torn.

They both start fighting and beating each other. Jarsand pins down Bheem and continues beating. Krishna, looking at Bheem, picks grass sliver, splits it into 2 and throws each strand on opposite side. Karn watches that and reminisces Krishna showing him same once . Bheem gets up, tears Jarasand and throws his 2 body parts into opposite side so that they cannot join back. Karn shouts Jarasand.. and says this is injustice and trick by Krishna.

Precap: Krishna says he did not do any injustice. People chant Maharaj Yudistra ki jai..Krishna asks Karn to accept the fact. Karn says whomever he is helping will insult him soon.

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