Suryaputra Karn 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn taking oath that he will give charity of his weapon to Bhism and will not hold it again, but if he gets a situation to hold weapon again, he will break his oath.

After 10 years, Shon is seen running towards river and addressing Karn who is bathing in river to come out as it is their final exam today and Bhism will evaluate them. Karn says he has made a special chariot for Bhism and he will get mesmerized seeing it.

Dhritarastra’s son ties charioteers in place of horses and beats them. Charioteer’s head asks why is he punishing them. He if he does not get horse, he will tie charioteers and punish them and orders him to pass elder brother Duryodhan on today’s exam, else he will punish him also.

Karn mixes chemicals and prepares

fuel from it for his chariot. He makes a flying chariot and thinks Bhism will have to give him #1 rank in exam.

Shon gets ready with new clothes and jewelry. Radha says he is getting ready as if he getting married instead of attending exam results and asks about Karn. He says brother is making special chariot. She asks about Vaishali. He says she must be near shiv temple praying for Karn’s exam and making rigorous pooja instead of resting. Vishali is seen doing same and a pretty girl is shown as Vaishali.

Bhism enters exam venue with Adhirath riding his chariot. People chant Bhism’s name. Radha and Shon are seen standing with people and Vaishali on tree watching everything. Bhism takes a seat and waves people to stop chanting his name. Sooth’s guru greets him and thanks him for attending sooth’s exam. Bhism says exam is exam and he is proud to judge it and asks to start exam. Guru says today’s exam is of Karn. Bhism searches Karn. Karn is seen coming on his air chariot/air baloon.

Bhism says he has taken Karn’s exam long back and now wants to see what bravery he will show. Guru asks Shon whereis his brother and calls Radhe Karn. Shon says if they want to see surya/sun, they have to see up. Everyone look up and see Karn coming on air chariot and landing at the venue. Karn’s face is shown and serial’s title song…plays. Vaishali smiles seeing him. Karn jumps out of his chariot and lands on ground. Dhritarastra’s son fumes seeing Karn’s invention.

Precap: Karn says he wants Bhism to look at him with pride, so he came from sky. Dhritarastra son asks how dare he is to give shrewd reply in front of Bhism and asks soldier to behead Karn. Karn throws soldier on ground.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nys epi.shon always supports hs bro.Whr s suyodhan ?gud nyt karn nd al.

  2. Tu,thank u somuch 4 ur regly.agn u r d bst.Gud nyt

  3. lol good eve hg ……………. nyce episode but sad to see grownup karan and shone. 😛 i loved the child actors….. anyways shone is dressed like krishna usually lord krishna is shown in this type of dressup………………when he is grazing his cows as a herder/cow keeper (gwala)………..

  4. Tu,why s 26th cmnt page nt enabled?pls fix it.

    Msg from Team: Enabled now.

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