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Suryaputra Karn 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyaan. Laxmana washes Krishna’s feet reminscing Samb’s words that Krishna will do partiality and will not help Duryodhan. Water overflows from bowl. Krishna reminds her that water is overflowing. She says okay father-in-law. He says she is her daughter now and should call him father. She says okay. He says she is having a question in her mind and should proceed.

Laxmana asks if he will take her father’s side if he reaches before Pandavs and will not do partiality. He says he will take only Dharma’s side and whoever follows Dharma and continues moral gyaan. She stands confused. He says if she is confused, she should think about his words carefully and find answer, till then he will go and finish imporant


Arjun reaches Dwarka and asks soldiers where is Vasudev. Soldier shows tent. Arjun enters and sees bone on floor and Vasudev standing with face turned on opposite side. He calls Vasudev. Vasudev turns and in a weird manner says he is Vasudev, Poundra Vasudev.

Laxmana goes to cow shed and sees Krishna feeding grass to cows. She says he told he is going on important work, but he is feeding grass to cows. He says he is going on important work, but did not say he is going out. Cow feeds whole world, feeding cows is imporant work. She asks if he will give her father a fair chance. He says he will give chance only to people who are on path of dharma. He continues moral gyaan and says he will take only truth’s side.

Arjun says fake vasudev that he looks like Vasudev, but is not. Fake Vasudev in a weird way says he is real Vasudev and one who tricks people is an imposter. He snatched his sudarshan chakra and is fooling people, once he gets back his sudarshan chakra, he will be more powerful. Arjun realizes he is definitely not Vasudev.

Cow does not eat grass. Krishna says cow knows it is time for his rest. Laxmana thinks she has to be with him to stop him do partiality. He says he knows what is in her mind and asks her to trust him that he will not do partiality.

Duryodhan reaches near river and shouts trickster Vasudev has to help him at any cost.

Precap: Duryodhan reaches Krishna’s palace before Arjun and rushes towards Vasudev. Arjun enters behind him and worries that Duryodhan will get Krishna’s help.

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