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Suryaputra Karn 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He then explains his war plan to Pandav’s on a dummy model and says if they follow it, Yudistra will become samrat. He then says there is also a problem in between, Magadh’s king Jarasand.

Shakuni tells Duryodhan that Jarasand is a problem for Pandavs and before they befriend him, he has to befriend Jarasand and use him against Pandavs.

Krishna tells Pandavs that Jarasand is a big problem. Arjun asks if he will kill Jarasand. Krishna says if killing Jarasand was in his fate, he would have killed Jarasand long ago and would not have spared him 17 times. Someone else has to kill Jarasand and asks Bheem if he is ready for it.

Jarasand tortures captured kings and is about to kill one when Karn enters. Jarasand starts calling him betrayer, etc.

Krishna with Bheem and Arjun disguises as brahmin and asks them if they are ready. Bheem asks why should they disguise as brahmin to kill Jarasand. Krishna says he wants to save innocent soldiers from killing during Bheem and Jarasand’s fight. Arjun says he will kill Jarasand with one blow. Krishna says Jarasand’s fate has to end by Bheem.

Jarasand asks Karn why did he come here after betraying him. Karn says he came to warn him about the upcoming battle and wantsh him to befriend with Duryodhan. Jarasand asks what he needs in return. Karn asks to free all captured kings. Jarasand starts beating Karn and says he will kill him today. Karn says he did not come here to fight, else he would have killed him long ago. He then starts beating Jarasand and says he came to warn him against Krishna and Pandavs. Jarasand asks if he is against Krishna now. Karn says he is not against Krishna, but with his friend Duryodhan who is against Krishna. Jarasand accepts his offer and frees captured kings.

Krishna with Arjun and Bheem reaches Magadh city and stops at entrance. Bheem asks why did they stop. Krishna says he wants to buy gift for Jarasand and says let us buy flowers.

Precap: Bheem challenges Jarasand to fight. Jarasand accepts and is about to fight when Karn warns him not to fight with brahmin as he is Bheem in disguise.

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