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Suryaputra Karn 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn gets emotional seeing Vasudev Krishna’s real avatar and happily greets him with folded hands. Jarasand and his army eagerly wait for Vasudev Krishna. His soldier says Vasudev is not seen, he may accept defeat. Jarasand says he will not, else he would not have taken Karn with him.

Vasudev asks Karn how is he feeling. Karn says very happy and peaceful. Vasudev says he is sun of humans and is pious. He should take the path of truth and stop helping injustice. He continues to give moral gyaan.

Jarasand shouts Vasudev…come to fight. Vasudev walks a big, then shows his leela with first flowers surrounding him, then water surrounding him, then sun…Karn looks at his leela surprisingly.

Jarasand shouts at Vasudev that he came here to die. Vasudev says he came here without weapon and wants peace than fight. Jarasand says he is afraid of him, so he is telling this. Krishna says war is not a solution and warrior should always try to stay out of it as muc has possible as war brings destroyal. Jarasand says he is not a cattle grazer who is trying to escape war, he wants to kill him today.

Pigeon comes and sits on Krishna. Krishna says even piegon wants to maintain peace and asks Jarasand to understand it. He then pampers piegon and flies it in. Jarasand says he does not like peace and kills pigeon. Blood falls on Krishna’s face. Krishna wipes it and gets very angry. He says if wants fight, then he will fight. He signals Jarasand to attack. Jarasand angrily comes and attacks, but Krishna easily lifts him and throws him like light cotton. He defeats Jarasand easily.

Precap: Kunti with her sons travel in chariot to meet vanar sena for her felicitation. Shakuni hopes they never return back. Krishna tells Karn that his stay in Magadh is finished and he should travel to a new destination next.

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