Suryaputra Karn 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Yudistra wishes Arjun good luck and sends him to Dwarka to meet Vasudev and seek his help in war.

Shakuni comes to Karn and says they both are in Duryodhan’s favor and he wants to request him something. Karn asks what is it. Shakuni says he should convince Duryodhan to seek Vasudev’s help as he knows Duryodhan cannot win war without Vasudev’s help. Karn asks what is his hidden motto in this. Shakuni says he just wants Duryodhan to win and asks him to even stop Arjun.

Karn stops Arjun on the way and asks if he is going to seek Dwarka. Arjun says it is none of his business. Their argument starts. Arjun says he is just Duryodhan’s servant and does not have right to stop him.

Karn then goes to Duryodhan’s room an smiles. Duryodhan who is busy drinking alcohol gets happy seeing him smiling and tells Shakuni that his friend smiled after a long time and asks Karn if he forgave him. Karn says he did not for Draupadi’s cheer haran, but wants him to win battle, so he wants him to go to Dwarka to seek Krishna’s help. Duryodhan angrily tries to hit Shakuni saying he tricked, but Karn stops him and says it is his wish. Duryodhan agrees and leaves for Dwarka in the morning.

Laxmana orders servants to prepare dishes. Samb enters and asks what is special. Laxmana says her father is coming to seek help from father-in-law as per his order. Samb says even Arjun has left for Dwarka before Duryodhan. She says as per rule, only raja or yuvraj can seek help. Samb says his father always breaks rules in his favor and even now he will take Pandav’s side. Laxmana gets tensed.

Karn sees shakuni flying eagle and asks what new trick he is playing now. Shakuni says he has made sure that Arjun does not reach Dwarka before Duryodhan.

Precap: Laxmana asks Krishna if her father reaches Dwarka will he help her father instead of Pandavs. Krishna smiles. Shakuni’s friend reads his message to stop Arjun from reaching Dwarka.

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