Suryaputra Karn 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kichak throws Sairandari/Panchali on floor and orders her to dance and shouts nobody will come to her help. Pandavs fume seeing this, but stand silently. Karn comes in front and says he cannot see any woman’s insult and whoever insults woman will die. Duryodhan gets up and asks Karn to sit as it is not their problem. Karn says it is not his problem, but his duty to protect woman. Kichak asks Sairandari to leave and apologizes Duryodhan and Karn and says he wanted to entertain them, thats all and as Karn says if he isnults woman, he will die, so he does not want to die.

Draupadi goes to kichen and fumes in front of her husbands Pandavs that she wants to see war soon and each Kaurav dying. Bheem says we will leave Virat tonight and before anybody would realize, they would be out of its territory. Kichak enters and says Panchali’s 5 superpower husbands are here at last, calls each Pandav’s name and laughs.

Duryodhan angrily tells Karn he should not have confronted Kichak as only he can help them find Pandavs. Karn asks why is he risking Hastinapur’s dignity again and should find out Pandav with their team instead and fight them in battlefield.

Kichak continues his drama and says he is fond of Panchali’s beauty and wants to enjoy it, so they want him to keep quiet and not inform Duryodhan about their whereabouts, they should let him spend a night with Panchali. Bheem angrily grips his neck.

Precap: Bheem grips Kichak’s neck and says these are his last words. Yudistra stops him. Bheem asks Arjun if he should stand silently. Arjun says yes, but he will kill Kichak for sure.

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