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Suryaputra Karn 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Karn gives start of episode moral gyaan. Kunti walks out of palace with her sons. Karn sadly farewells them. Krishna asks him what is he thinking. Karn says he is thinking about his friend Duryodhan. Krishna says now everthing is sorted out. Karn asks if he planned all this and asks why did he do this. Krishna after a long moral gyaan says he is a charioteer and just knows to remove hurdles from way and demonstrates by breaking a bomb into two. He then leaves on his chariot.

Pandavs travel on chariot. Panchali asks if they are feeling sad without their mother. Pandavs get down from chariot and sadly express their feeling. Krishna reaches there.

Duryodhan in raj sabha grins and asks Dhritarastra to do his raj abhishek. Dhritarastra says if Bhism agrees, he will. Duryodhan bends in front of Bhism to take his blessings. Bhism says he can bless him but not make him raja and says he had to see division of his children because of his foolishness. A raja should not have anger and should have a thinking power and handle situation with brains and not by anger. He with his foolishness and Shakuni’s ideas ruined everyone. Until he is sure that he is capable of becoming a good ruler, he will not permit his throning. Duryodhan says but… Shakuni stops him and says he should not argue with ganga putra Bhism and tells Bhism that until Duryodhan fulfills his demands, he will not become raja. He then tells Duryodhan to think wisely.

Krishna addresses Yudistra as samrat and says he will rule now. Yudistra says he is not a raja yet. Krishna says he should believe his words and get ready to rule.

Precap: Krishna tells Pandavs before Jarasand takes Duryodhan’s side they have to kill him. Duryodhan says before Pandavs reach Jarasand, he has to reach and make him a friend.

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