Suryaputra Karn 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn defeats Panchal’s soldiers and they elope from there. Duryodhan praises his bravery that he defeated soldiers without weapon. Karn says situations make a person to defend and thanks him.

Radha with other sooths plead soldiers to go and save her son Karn and others. Soldiers say they cannot ender Panchal border without permission. Tauji says these soldiers are our protectors and cannot even protect a single person. He says they should forcefully enter in and everyone try to break soldier barrier. Bhism passes by and asks what are they doing. Radha explains whole situation. Bhism says he cannot break rules and enter Panchal’s border without a warning, but will save sooths.

Karn comes back with Duryodhan. People chant Karn and Duryodhan’s name. Bhism

says Karn he broke rules and will be punished. Karn asks if saving lives are sin. Bhism asks him to shut up and says he will complain against him to maharaj. Their argument continues. Radha takes Karn from there.

Shon asks Karn to help sooth people and forget marrying Vaishali. Karn says he cannot disobey mother. Shon says he has to. Karn says he will not and will marry Vaishali as per mom’s order.

Vaishali tells Radha that she does not want to marry Karn. Radha asks how can she reject karn, if she does not know karn will go on war against kshatriya if she does not marry him. Vaishali says she knows, so she does not want karn to lose his aim. Karn comes and hears their conversation. Vaishali says she will wait for him whole life until he meets his goals and leaves. Karn says Radha he will go to mahasabha and will fight for his rights.

Bhism complains Dhritarastra against Duryodhan that he entered rival territory without permission. Dhritarastra asks how can he punish Duryodhan when he has not completed his education. Bhism says even punishment is part of education. Dhritarastra says he cannot punish rajkumar and will reward him instead. Bhism says he does not have right for that. Dhritarastra says he will and asks Dhritarastra to use his reward wisely. Shakuni smirks and signals him. Karn enters and greets Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra asks who is he. Duryodhan says he is sooth putra karn and showed bravery. Karn says he should also be rewarded. Vidur says sooths are meant to take protection from khatriyas, so they cannot fight and show bravery. Karn says why can’t they protect themselves. Vidur asks if he used weapons. Karn says no. Bhism says Karn should be punished for crossing rival territory. Karn says he does not follow his rules as he does always injustice. Bhism fumes. Karn challenges him to ride his chariot on basant panchami and shows his senapati bravery.

Precap: Karn asks Kunti to bless him to win if she considers him a son. She blesses. Shakuni tells Duryodhan they should not let Bhism ride Karn’s chariot.

Update Credit to: MA

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