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Suryaputra Karn 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Duryodhan requests Dhritarastra to do Karn’s raj abhishek and make him Ang’s raja before he goes to capture Panchal naresh. Dhritarastra announces that Karn’s raj abhishek will be tomorrow. Duryodhyan happily says Karn that he is waiting for his father to give him his crown since many years, but his father made Karn Ang raj so easily. Karn says even Ang pradesh is his. Bhism fumes seeing all this. They both walk out smiling when soldier informs Duryodhan that his mother is calling him. He says Karn that he will meet him tomorrow during raj abhishek and leaves.

While walking through palace, Karn sees kunti and touches her feet. She calls him son and blesses him. He says she should not call him son as society does not like it. She says he does not know who he is.

Yudistra enters with his brothers and Bhism says Karn is a sooth putra and he will remind him repeatedly. Yudistra says Karn earned Ang pradesh by his effort and nobody should insult him. He apologizes Karn on Bheem’s behalf. He says he is happy that he is on their side. Karn says he is on Duryodhan’s side. Yudistra says even Duryodhan is his brother and smiles. He then leaves with kunti and other 3 brothers.

Arjun stops and taunts Karn that he is not happy even after becoming Ang raj. Karn says his motto was to show him that he is not world’s best warrior. Arjun continues taunting Karn and after a lengthy dialogue says they will fight again.

Kunti goes to Adhirath and asks why did he hide all these years that Karn is her son. He says he was bound by a promise by Priyamvada. She says promise cannot between mother and child. He says he is charioteer and his duty is to protect his master’s dignity and life. She says she wants him to inform Karn that she is his mother and should also stop him from fighting with his brothers. Adhirath says her son is surya putra and when Bhism cannot stop him, how can he. Kunti says she wants all her 6 sons alive and unharmed. He asks how. She says she has a plan.

Karn reaches his village and does not find anyone there. He loudly asks where are everyone. Vaishali says to repect a man who got them respect earlier and now is Ang raj. People come running happily and lift Karn, chanting Ang raj karn ki jai ho… Vaishali asks why don’t she stop them. She says nobody can stop their happiness. Karn says tomorrow everyone will be looking at him being crowned as Ang raj, but he will be looking at her. She shyingly asks why. He says she is her friend now and soon will be Ang’s maharani. She shies more.

Tauji comes and calls him Ang raj karn. Radha also comes and calls him Ang raj Karn. He runs and falls on her feet and says it looks good from her mouth, but he likes her calling her child Radhe Karn. Radha smiles.

Precap: Karn is bathed with milk before raj abhishek. Bhism says his dream of sitting with rajkumars is fulfilled, but he should not dare to go to Ang pradesh with crown. He tries to dorn him crown when Karn angrily stops him.

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