Suryaputra Karn 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives beginning of episode moral gyaan. He says paresnts should give good teachings to children and show them path of truth.

Krishna tells Dhritarastra that fire of enemity will increase each day and cannot be calmed. Shakuni tries to interfere. Dhritarastra stops him and says Krishna is right and he is also in favor of division than fight between brothers. He announces a barron land and few other things for Pandavs

Duryodhan says he will not agree for division. Shakuni tells Duryodhan that Pandav’s will get only barron land and he should agree for division. Duryodhan agrees and says he is ready to give charity. Arjun says Khatriyas are warriors and they know to only snatch their right and not beg.

Dhritarstra tells he did not differentiate between kauravs and pandavs and walks consdired Pandavs as his children. He wants a favor from pandavs and says he and Gandhari will be left alone with Pandavs leave, so he wants Kunti to stay with him and Gandhari. Yudistra and Bheem says this is impossible. Karn asks how can he separate a mother from cildren.

Krishna says Dhritarastra is very clever and he is protecting kauvravs from Pandav’s attack as he knows Pandavs will not attack Hastinapur iff Kunti stays there. Dhritarastra asks Bhism if his demand is wrong and says Pandavs are powerful and they even have intelligent panchali with, but he does not have anyone, so he needs Kunti.

Pandavs tell Kunti they will not agree for this. Kunti says it is her wish where to stay. She says they have to grow flowers in barron land and she trusts them. She tells Panchali that she should take care of her children and tells each son’s qualities.

Precap: Karn says Krithna he wishes to meet him again,but does not want him to play politics again. Krishna says he just removes hurdles from path and does not play politics.

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