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Suryaputra Karn 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn gets ready in the morning to pray suryadev. Vrishasen stops him and says he should not go. Karn says he will follow his duty and will not back off. Vrishasen says suryadev has not risen yet. Karn says he will have to and cannot forgo nature. He walks smiling.

Karn reaches beach and waits for sunrise. Indradev as brahmin comes and says suryadev has become son blind today and will not rise. Karn says he has to and cannot forgo nature and says he knows he is Indradev and has come to ask his kavach kundal in charity. Indra says that means Suryadev informed him already about his plan. Karn says he would give whatever people ask when he prays suryadev and will never break his oath. He asks Suryadev to rise and do his duty. Sun rises and Karn performs his prayers.

Vrishasen goes to Krishna and tells Indradev is tricking his father and taking his kavach kundal. Krishna says he knows as Indira met him some time ago. Arjun comes and asks if that brahmin was Indra dev. Vrishasen says he must have senthis father to beg kavacha kundal to win in war. Arjun warns him and says he is not a trickster like Kauravs and is sparing him as he is standing in his camp now. He says Krishna that father should not have done this and he will go immediately and stop father. He runs towars ocean and even Kunti is seeing running in jungle.

After performing prayers, Karn asks Indira dev what he needs in charity. Indradev says his kavach kundal. Karn says he will.

Precap: Voiceover says when adharm rises, dharm takes over again after a maha yuddha.

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