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Suryaputra Karn 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn sees hastinapur soldiers fighting with nearby rival territory Panchal’s soldiers who try to enter into hastinapur.

In royal garden, Pandav putra’s get busy playing. Bheem’s mouth waters seeing fruits and he asks Kunti if he can have fruits. Nakul throws ball on him and jokes that he cannot have anything before havan. Bheem throws ball into water well. Nakul and Sahdev run towards well and call Arjun and Bheem for help.

Karn reaches his village/bhugat gram and sees soldiers standing outside. He asks why are they standing here. They say Pachal’s soldiers have made sooth’s hostage and are killing them. Karn asks why don’t they enter and fight with them. Soldiers say they don’t have permission and cannot risk their lives for a

few low-caste sooths. Karn says he is not bound by any rules and runs into village.

A rishi enters jungle and throws sticks on ball into well from a far distance and removes it. Arjun asks who is he. He says Bhism will tell his identity.

Karn fights with Panchal soldiers. Soldiers hold sword on Shon and others and ask Karn to stop, else they will slit their throats. Karn throws chariot wheel on them and rescues Shon, but soldiers kidnap other Sooth people and warn not to stop them, else they will kill everyone.

Soldier informs Shakuni and Duryodhan that Panchal’s soldiers have kidnapped sooths. Duryodhan asks him to inform Bhism or Dhritarastra. Soldier says Bhism is out of city and Dhritarasta is resting. Shakuni asks him to go and tells Duryodhan it is time to help his friend Karn as he must be trying hard to save his people. Duryodhan says Karn is not his friend. Shakuni says then after this, he will be his friend.

Karn reaches Panchal’s border and asks hastinapur soldiers why are they standing here instead of saving his family. Soldier says if they enter panchal, it is like invitation for a war and they cannot wage war for a few low caste sooths. Duryodhan enters and says he cannot risk his kingdom people’s lives for political reason and tells Karn let us go friend.

Arjun asks rishi who is he and how did he do this impossible thing. Bhism enters and says nothing is impossible for Bharadwaj’s son Dhrona. He greets Dhrona. Dhrona says he must be knowing Dhrupad was his classmate. Bhism says he knows. Dhrona says he shared his knowledge with Dhrupad and Dhrupad promised to give half of whatever he gets. When he went to ask his half kingdom from Dhrupad, he called him traitor and sent his soldiers to kill him. If Bhism gives him shelter, it is his badluck and if he makes use of his knowledge, it will be his good luck. Bhism greets him and says welcome to Hastinapur. Soldier comes and informs Bhism that Panchal’s soldiers have kidnapped sooth people and are running towards panchal. Bhism says Dhrona it is time for action.

Arjun with Duryodhan stops Panchal soldiers and they both beat all soldiers. Soldiers run away leaving sooth people. Karn raises his hand happily and shouts after his victory.

Precap: Shon tells Karn he has to protect Sooths. Karn says he cannot break mom’s promise. Shon says he has to break promise for their people and should not marry Vaishali. Karn says he cannot sacrifice Vaishali.

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