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Suryaputra Karn 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhism says Karn cannot compete with Arjun now as competition was between kauravas and pandav rajkumars. Karn asks if he is afraid that his favorite Arjun will feel defeat and he would have to do injustice again. Karn says he cannot doubt Bhism’s justice. Karn says he has seen it long ago. He continues that when Arjun can represent Yudistra, he will also represent Duryodhan for yuvraj’s position and if he wins Duryodhan will be Yuvraj. Duryodhan and Shakuni get happy. Bheem starts shouting that he will fight with Karn and smash him. Duryodhan says it is between two archers and if he dares, he can fight with him and feel defeat again. Pandav and Kaurav rajkumars stand oppositely to fight.

Drona enters and says he will decide who will be Yuvraj and says whoever gives his

guru dakshina will be yuvraj. Shakunni asks if it is his attempt to make his so called already accepted best warrior as yuvraj. Dhritarastra asks what he needs in guru dakshina. He says whoever confines panchal raja and brings him will be yuvraj. Dhritarastra says he is blind and only listens voice of his sons, if he wants to take that happiness from him. He will send his army to capture panchal naresh and bring him here. Drona says he taught kauravas and pandav rajkumars and only expect them to go and if they don’t obey him, he will be forced to find another obedient student for him.

Arjun stops Drona and says he was surprised that he is just asking to bring Panchal naresh as guru dakshina. It is very less for his years of teachings. Yudistra says they all 5 brothers will bring Panchal naresh and throw him on his feet.

Duryodhan says he will also go and asks Karn to accompany him. Karn says he will be always with him his whole life as a friend. Drona shouts that he cannot take Sooth putra’s help and if he takes, he will be ashamed to call him as his student. He would have asked Bhism to bring Panchal naresh, but he did not and asked his students to bring him, and since Karn is not his student, he cannot go with them. Duryodhan gets very angry and says he is right, Karn will not come with him and he will fulfill his guru dakshina and even if he dies, he will not mind, but before going he wants Karn to make Ang naresh. He asks Bhism to make Karn as Ang pradesh’s raja before he goes on battle.

Precap: Karn tells Kunti she should not call him son as people would object. She asks if he knows who he is.

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