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Suryaputra Karn 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan strangulates Shakuni’s neck and says he spoilt Laxmana’s future and asks why did he do that. Shakuni says for him and Hastinapur. Duryodhan throws him on floor and strangulates again shouting he is lying. Shakuni says he left his kingdom and people and even his children for his nephew and now nephew wants to kill him. Duryodhan leaves him. Shakuni says he did this as their rival Krishna will not find neither on their side nor on Pandav’s side.

Dau sees Samb/Laxmana and Uttara/Abhimanyu’s marriage and says Krishna he was gambling sometime ago and now enjoying his nephew’s marriage. He tells Krisha that their game is still imcomplete, though he was winning, Krishna may also win if he tries. Krishna walks out from there.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that he is angry that he has to give his daughter’s hand in enemy’s son’s hand. Shakuni tells he will not repent his decision.

Dau follows Krishna and asks why did he walk out. Their conversation starts and Dau understands that Krishna wants to participate in war. He tries to explain that they will not have to kill their dear ones and do adharma. Krishna asks what about innocent people whose protection is their dharam and reminds that they had to kill their dear one Kans mama to save people for dharma.

Marriage completes. Brides and grooms take elders’ blessings. Krishna tells Laxmana that he is happy that her dad respected her feelings and let her marry Samb. Dau says even he is happy that Duryodhan forgot his enemity and listen to his daughter’s heart. Krishna continues moral gyaan. Dau says he is happy that Krishna is following dharma and he will not ask why he wants to participate in war. Shakuni gets tensed and asks whose side he will take. Krishna says whoever asks for help first.

Precap: Krishna returns Shakuni’s dice and says he does not need it as he is participating in war and says this is is a maha yudh/big battle which will start with shankh naad/shank sound and will end with weapon drop.

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